Good Travel Writing Workshops

Posted By: BellaShorts

Good Travel Writing Workshops - 03/11/09 10:46 PM

Hi all, looking for more travel writing workshop recommendations. I wrote this one and would like to write a few more pages based on my travels to London. I'm particularly interested in writing another workshop about considerations such as reviews,libel,complaints,law etc.
Posted By: franky_cole

Re: Good Travel Writing Workshops - 10/25/09 07:36 PM

I love her workshops on writing and think she is a genius. If you can't go to Portland, hopefully that site helps you a lot. I know it has helped me.
If you look under "What Can I Help You Find?" (which is written in huge, bold letters, so you can't miss it) under "For Writers", there is one for writing workshops, which is the second one under that headline. So it is easy to find. smile all you have to do, is click "show me".
Hopefully this helped.

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