What is your favorite wheel?

Posted By: Jane Stotmeister

What is your favorite wheel? - 03/27/04 01:37 AM

1. An Ashford
3. Babe
4. kromski
Posted By: Laun-spinning editor

Re: What is your favorite wheel? - 03/27/04 01:35 PM

My first wheel was a use Ashford Traditional. It was so wonderful to me! I was actually spinning! At first I just rented it for practice from a weaving and spinning store, but then I asked if I could buy it. In a few weeks I felt I was good enough on it that I wanted to try something with a bit more modern feel to it. I wanted sealed ball bearings for smooth spinning, and I wanted double treadle to prevent those "dead zones" when you are treadling with one and it gets hung up. The Rose just called to me! So by far my favorite is Majacraft Rose.

I would love to have an Irish Castle wheel one day, but that's a LOT OF DOUGH!!!!!!!!

Cara fish
Posted By: Spinnerella

Re: What is your favorite wheel? - 04/17/04 08:35 PM

My first wheel is also a used Ashford Traditional. She came home with me on Friday, 4/9 and I've been spinning since! I named her Amelie and I love the way she looks in my home. I didn't set about to buy a saxony-style wheel. It just happened but I'm REALLY glad that she's mine.

I plan to attend a couple of fiber events during the summer and I'm considering a portable wheel to take along. I'm quite interested in hearing what folks have to say about Babe wheels. If I hear enough favorable feedback, I will probably buy the double-treadle, production model.

- Monica fish
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