Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online?

Posted By: Vannie

Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/20/07 02:28 PM

I been paying bills online for over a year now and love it. I have never had problem with ID theft, $$ not credited properly, etc. I do have one snail mail bill but will be changing that to online as well.

Does anyone else here pay online? If not any particular reason?
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Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/20/07 03:08 PM

I have been paying bills on line since it was possible to do so. No stamps, no envelopes, no post office trips and online is free free free!
Posted By: Lynn_B

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/20/07 06:51 PM

97 percent online. I have a couple that won't do online; but take payments by phone. Only 1 (my house payment) has to be made by paper check or money order.
Posted By: Erika@Crime

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/20/07 08:24 PM

By paying your bills online you are actually cutting down your likely hood of having your identity stolen.

Unless you have a locking mail box, your mail can be stolen out of your mailbox once it is delivered.

Read my article on identity theft at the crime website for more information on preventing identity theft.

Identity Theft a Major Cybercrime

Identity theft is one the one crime expected to effect everyone in their lifetime according to crime experts.
Posted By: Vannie

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/21/07 04:02 PM


An execellent article on identity theft--real food for thought.

Originally I did pay a couple of my bills by telephone, but was informed by one company that their policy had changed. There would be a charge to pay by telephone, I was advised to pay online instead. Very happy I took their advice. Jan is right, no stamps. Nothing worse than writing bills early then find you only have one stamp.
Posted By: RestlessSpirit

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/21/07 05:02 PM

99% online. I had one gas CC that I can't pay online since it's in mom's name and she's never driven. You need a driver's license to pay online.

Another benefit, you don't have to worry about the post office losing, mis-routing, or destroying your payment.
Posted By: Rosie52

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/24/07 08:44 PM

I have been paying my bills online since I can remember. I have one that I have to mail and worry each time that it might not get there. We are always having trouble with our mail system so paying online eliminates any problems that could possibly arise. When my husband first wanted me to start paying on line I was skeptical but have never had any problems. It's just so much easier and I'm able to file my receipts online without having to keep all those paper files. I am even able to do my banking online and it's great too.
Posted By: Meg_Homeschooling

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 01/25/07 08:11 PM

YES! It saves me time and money. We've had one problem a few years ago, the company wasn't accepting the money transfers so my bank had to actually send them a paper check, and the company wasnt accpeting those for some reason...but we fixed it.

I have been paying online for at least 4 years. I try to pay at the company's website first but if it's not free (some of our utilities charge a $5 processing fee for online paymnets) I will pay through my bank's free online billpay smile

The only thing I cant pay online is my rent, and I could until december. We had the same bank as our landlord so I'd just transfer the money over, but then they switched so now I actually have to go to the bank, thankfully it's just drive thru!

Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 06/10/13 08:13 PM

Never, I never trusted any of my computers to do that. The one I have now is new and it is well protected but I still don't trust it enough to do things like that. I know it's probably stupid of me since I often buy things online and never once got my credit cards information and my identity stolen.
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Re: Do You Pay Your Monthly Bills Online? - 06/16/13 11:44 PM

95% online payment, all are done in banking website. I think it is secure enough.
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