Does marriage hurt or help careers?

Posted By: leahmullen

Does marriage hurt or help careers? - 10/17/13 09:34 PM

I read this very interesting blog post Is Your Marriage Ruining Your Career by my favorite blogger Penelope Trunk.

It’s basically about choosing between work and family—when your marriage is crumbling.

As with Penelope’s blog, the comments are just as interesting/enlightening as her posts.

Any thoughts?
Posted By: Vannie

Re: Does marriage hurt or help careers? - 10/22/13 08:30 PM

Leah, the Blogger talks about political people who are in the spotlight. We see the marriage of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner in a possible unravel mode, we also know why it may unravel.

I think generally marriage and a successful career can go hand in hand. I do believe that marriage can better help men, while women may be questioned in a round about way, about their thoughts on marriage, children and careers. I suspect there will always be questions of a woman's commitment to the job; what if you have to come in early or stay for an all night session? What if you have to travel? Questions such as these may be in the back of someone's mind more often than not even if not asked. It may not be fair, but women have to deal head on with the mutterings and direct questions concerning "What if?"
Posted By: leahmullen

Re: Does marriage hurt or help careers? - 10/22/13 10:50 PM

Hi Vannie,

I agree. Huma's marriage/career choice is far different from the time management/commitment issues most of us encounter as we try to balance work and family.

Still choose we must--over and over again. I’ve had to make the time/commitment choice dozens of times since starting a family… and so far, family always wins. And to be honest, looking back, I do have some regrets about that. As some of the posters on Penelope’s blog stated, it’s not always black and white, but it seems that way some times.
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