Posted By: JulieRNursing Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 09/26/09 04:20 PM
The news is reporting a growing trend, starting with New York, requiring nurses to get the flu vaccine or be fired.

This is very upsetting to me. I never get the flu vaccine and rarely get the flu. I have an autoimmune disorder, so I worry about the effect of a vaccine on my already wacky immune system response.

The US Govt has passed legislation granting immunity to vaccine manufacturers for any future litigation. Again, this makes me very nervous.

Anyone else upset about this?
Mandating the flu vaccine seems very iffy to me.

They can never really predict which strain is going to prevalent each year - they make a pretty good guess, but it is not 100% accurate.

When it comes to mumps, measles, etc. there is only 1 strain to vaccinate against. The flu is a completely different creature altogether.

Plus, if they are offering "get out of jail free" cards to the vaccine maufacturers - that means they know this is not a great idea.
Posted By: Jilly Re: Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 09/27/09 05:42 PM
Wow, this is rather upsetting. I can only hope the result will be more helpful than not in the long run. It's supposed to be a very bad flu year.
Posted By: JulieRNursing Re: Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 10/14/09 02:18 AM
So, I need to make a correction. One of the hardest things for our nation right now is getting accurate, factual, evidenced-based information. The loss of journalism is insidiously affecting the dialogue we engage in as a society.
There is something called Countermeasures Injury Compensation through the gov't for injuries sustained from vaccines given during a "pandemic". So, if you get the H1N1 vaccine and are injured, there is a legal recourse. This is NOT information that is clear in the general media.
Also, there are NO adjuvants (thiomersal or squalene) in the US H1N1 vaccine. Again, many bloggers are saying the opposite. Be careful of the source of your info, and I will try to do the same here!
Posted By: GenRusRN Re: Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 11/12/09 10:15 PM
Yes, I am also upset with mandating any type of vaccine. Especially if the companies will not be held liable for any malpractice or "bad batches" of vaccine. I am a nurse who recieved the flu vaccine once and became very ill off and on over the next year. I generally do not get very sick except for the occassional cold. I have not recieved the vaccine since and have remained fairly healthy each flu season. I believe that it is each individuals choice as to recieve a vaccine or not. Everyone reacts differently to medications, vaccines, etc. I believe this gives our government too much control. If you follow the basic hand washing, take a multi vitamin and extra vitamin C daily along with a healthy diet, you reduce your chances of catching other communicable diseases and/or decrease the severity if you do become infected. There is a lot of information on foods and vitamines that help boost ones immune system and different things one is able to do to decrease risks without injecting a possibly a harmful virus, dead or live into ones system.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 02/01/18 08:07 PM
I hate that! I would always choose to be fired, hell, they would not even be able to fire me because I would quit!
Posted By: clintrasner Re: Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 03/06/20 06:32 PM
I know this is an old thread, but is this still happening? Where vaccines are being forced or you will be fired?
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Mandatory vaccines for nurses? - 01/30/21 09:06 PM
I think when it's a situation like the pandemic where the main variants are well known and are killing hundreds of thousands of people, that it could be important to ensure front-line workers are not spreading it to the vulnerable patients.
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