Just something to keep in mind:

My husband had to go in to the emergency room to have a prescribed injection.
The nurse first gave him 2 injections to numb the area and put an icepack on it for a while.

Then she came in and said, "I'm getting someone else to give you this injection. I've been here 8 years and I've never seen a needle this big."

Not the best bed side manner. shocked
Posted By: Nursing Editor Re: What not to say to your patient - 02/03/09 12:32 AM
Very nice! LOL!
My husband suffers from kidney stones.

Several years ago he had one so bad that he was vomiting from the pain - so we went to the ER.

They decided that he would make a good patient for a training EMT to try out inserting an IV line on.

The supervising nurse told him, "You really need to hold still, he hasn't done this before and the faster he gets this line started, the faster you can get some pain medication."

I promptly told her to go let him experiment on a patient in less pain and get someone in there who knew how to start an IV, that vomiting was not really a voluntary action!
Posted By: MariRN Re: What not to say to your patient - 02/05/09 03:34 PM
It never fails to amaze me the stories that I hear from patients and their families. On a personal level, I learnt the hard way, that it is important to be proactive with your healthcare. I was in the ER at my hospital, my husband was at my side, and he made me promise not to mention that I was a nurse. I respected his request, long story short, I received medication too fast through my IV, developed thrombsis and came very close to having surgery on my arm. When I felt the medication go in and the vein blew, I knew something was wrong, but out of respect for my spouse, I kept my mouth shut. Never again.
Posted By: Nursing Editor Re: What not to say to your patient - 02/06/09 07:06 AM
It is amusing (afterwards) how often some family members want advice at 3 am for some weird "disease" they have conjured up, but do not want us to jump in too fast when we see potential errors occuring! Oh well, that's the life a nurse!
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: What not to say to your patient - 02/01/18 08:10 PM
Wow that is an idiotic thing to say even if she did not do that on purpose to be mean and or to scare him! I am already scared of needles and if that was me and I was not already having a panic attack I for sure would of had one then!
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