Posted By: mychilucy funny farm here I come! - 10/06/13 04:06 PM
Well here goes! I'm going for the short version and believe me it goes way back. A couple of years ago I would call my mom to check on her (we live about 90 miles from her and dad. She would complain about her back hurting after a fall. She was 86 at the time. I would call my sister who lives across from her and she would play it down. Yada yada yada. OK finally I decide to go check on her myself. Took her to the Dr. he exrayed & found 2 broken vertebrae. I guess she was hurting ya think??? When she gets out of the hospital I have no choice but to load mom and dad in the car and take them home with me. My suggestion of her having them for 2 weeks then I'd take them for 2 weeks did not go well. She had the nerve to tell me she didn't care PUT EM IN A NURSING HOME I DON'T CARE! I lost a sister that day I will never forget or forgive. Daddy died shortly after moving in with me. Mother has had another cracked vertebrae. I pretty much do everything for her. I NEVER get a break. Same time trying to refurbish a wonderful old home. My 24yr. old son moves back in and he brings his new doberman pup. If you leave him alone and he can't see you all he does is bark his head off. My hands shake I'm so irritable (not to momma though) I so need to get away but I don't know who to trust to stay with her. I have no family that could/would help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated cause I'm seriously headed to the funny farm. I live in a very small town so resources are probably not good
Posted By: Dr. Hershey-MH Re: funny farm here I come! - 10/09/13 09:45 AM
That is a very difficult situation. How loving and kind of you to take care of your parents. Sorry for the passing of your father and the reaction of your sister.

My only suggestion is to research any resources in or around your area...maybe the resource is far, but they may be able to direct you or give you more leads or ideas for support. You may at some point realize your mom needs a higher level of care than you are able to provide...
I wish you the best and I wish you strength.
You might consider home health care for at least a couple of weeks to give you a break - maybe to get out of the house and go somewhere. Your mother's medicare (or is it medicaid, I get the two confused) should pay for some if not all of it.
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