Best adventure, worst adventure

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Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/17/08 01:28 AM

My best adventure: a safari in Africa. There's something joyous about watching the animals. I will be going to Namibia in June, looking for desert elephants and sand boarding--sliding down giant sand dunes.

My "worst adventure" came about because I relied upon a travel agent's judgment of an outfitter. The agent, I found out, didn't ever travel with the company. My children and I were camping and hiking through Australia's Olga mountain range. That proved wonderful. The outfitter, however, was rude, handed out dirty and worn sleeping bags that failed to keep us warm when the night temperatures dropped to around 40-F, served bad food and refused to talk to the group. We hiked the best trails and left a day early.
Please tell me about your experiences.

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Posted By: Candyce - Adventure Living

Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/20/08 04:59 PM

I realize there are many kinds of adventures and some of the best aren't the most expensive or outrageous. They are often just something new and different for you.

My best "dream" adventure is still a safari.
My best other adventure: a walking trip in Poland. I really had to push myself to hike 7-12 miles a day, often uphill. I was always the last one in the group, but I did it and I felt good about that accomplishment.

What are some of your adventures that made you feel good?
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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/21/08 03:56 PM

I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to the more "active" adventure trips, and I've never been an ambitious hiker, but my best adventure of all time had to be some of my outdoor excursions in Israel. We climbed Masada in time to watch the sunrise. It was just breathtaking. We also hiked through streams which is a lot more difficult than it sounds! The rocks at the bottom of the stream were big & very slippery - especially when you can't see them. Lastly, we swam (or floated) in the Dead Sea, which was a mildly painful (almost a burning feeling due to the high salt content), but extremely unique experience. I find its the trips where I stretch myself beyond my natural comfort limits that are always the most memorable.
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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/21/08 04:14 PM

Wow...I was going to tell about my hike along the rim of Lake Tahoe going down into the inlet to tour Vikingsholm Castle and how some wild dogs chase us part way. But, climbing Masada? That must be a once in a lifetime memory to outdo all others. How spiritual that must have been!
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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 02:22 AM

Those sound like great adventures! I am especially impressed by your climb of Masada. I took the tram. If I ever go back, you have inspired me to hike up.
You are absolutely right: an adventure requires stretching oneself, going beyond what you typically do.

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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 02:26 AM

Hiking the rim of Lake Tahoe and climbing down are great adventures.
Wild dogs always scare me and I am a dog lover with two dogs.
What did you do to get away from or discourage the wild dogs? I try to remain calm, walk steadily--never run--and don't make eye contact. Of course, all of that is hard to pull off.

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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 04:04 AM

Speaking of "scared" the only time I got nervous on a trip was when we were in Alaska and we went "off road" onto a dirt road, down a really long hunter's trail deep in between gigantic mountains. After a while it was just us ... the HUGE mountains ... nothing else and I actually began to get nervous about being so isolated. I've never felt like that before.
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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 04:49 AM

Being a full time RVer for nearly 8 years now I have a bazillion best adventures but all in the US.

Gazing at the amazing Armstrong stained glass window in the afternoon light (the Tiffany window was great, too) at Jekyll Island's Faith Chapel - where the sign said "NO PHOTOS ALLOWED" and the guide - when asked about it - said I don't see a guide in here, do you? I treasure that photograph!!

Hiking to an abandoned hot spring and resort in the isolated and breathtaking Big Bend National Park, easing in and letting my hand drift in the icy cold, fast flowing Rio Grande.

Witnessing the amazing explosion of wildflowers in Death Valley a few years ago when they had a record showing. I don�t know why I was so surprised, but when I open the car door the fragrance simply enveloped me.

Exploring Carlsbad Cavern in NM - what another world it is down there! Each evening hundreds of thousands of bats emerge from the cave always flying out in the same circular direction then off in the sky to feed until daylight. This process can take several hours. BTW - there is a noticable odor as the bats swoosh out of the mouth of the cave, hmph!

Viewing the Agawa pictographs at Canada's Lake Superior Provincial Park - where you had to shimmy against a large rock wall on the edge of the lake using a chain rope to get along with waves crashing at your feet, splashing your shins.

Just being at Wapatuki National Monument - outside of Flagstaff, AZ. A whole community of ancient anasazi ruins that are all unique - and really spread out. More magnificen that I expected.

Crossing the field - the actual field - where the Battle of Gettysburg took place - an eerie, introspective and now beautifully silent experience.

Gosh, I could go on and on...

But Lisa, like you I don't care to be too isolated. Maybe it's today�s news - or rather too much bad news - so I know what you mean. My cuz loves to camp in the middle of nowhere where she's not likely to see a living soul for days...not me sister.

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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 06:37 AM

What's funny is I've done a lot of winter camping, we've gone driving cross country through Colorado and Utah and Arizona and such so we've been out "away from people". I really like the quiet. But for some reason with the gigantic towering mountains, and nobody for many, many miles, it was almost oppressive ...
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Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 09:04 PM

I get a bit scared whenever I am somewhere and isolated too.
What did you do to get over that feeling?
I try to focus on the good things--the view, the sense of freedom--and keep the other feelings away unless I sense some danger. Then I just try and get out of a situation.

Which brings me to another topic: intuition.
HOw do women use intuition when traveling, especially when contemplating an adventure? do we listen to our intuition or just listen to logic?

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Posted By: Candyce - Adventure Living

Re: Best adventure, worst adventure - 02/22/08 09:07 PM

I love your list! Many travelers don't realize that
adventures come in little packages too such as the display of wildflowers in Death Valley (I haven't gotten there yet)or feeling the wind and the silence at Gettysburg.

Thanks for replying.
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