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Travelling to spain - 05/16/07 05:53 AM

I've been to Spain for several times, it's really a intriguing resorts, not only the beautiful resorts, but also kind people. travel to spain and costa brava are my unforgettable places, have you been there before? I�d like to share some travel experiences with you. Which countries impress you most when traveling? Waiting for your chat.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 05/31/07 01:41 AM

Good job, keep on posting. During summer vacation, I went to cadiz spain and mallorca spain with my parents, enjoying the fresh stunning beaches and gorgeous sight of the bay.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 08/28/07 07:11 AM

Extremely nice websites, I�ve never been to Spain before and learned that it has become one of the most beautiful country in the world with its rich cultures, history, ancient buildings and so on. Oh, I really want to fly to Spain now. I�ve heard of the transportation fee is not very expensive, like car hire in barcelona is very suitable for me, it provides as many as detailed tourist attractions. Does anyone have been to malta ? Another wonderful place in Spain I�ve just come across on the internet, if you have interest, please have a look at it and then exchange some ideas with me. Good luck!
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Re: Travelling to spain - 09/05/07 04:44 PM

I went to Spain as a student for one semester and it was beautiful. The southern coast is so nice but very crowded with Europeans in the summer! It's a great place for night life too. If you drink a couple cups of their coffee, you can stay up all night.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 09/05/07 08:19 PM

I spent 2 years in southern Spain about 18 years ago. I loved it. The food was so good and the people were very nice and laid back.

I loved the coffee too!
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Re: Travelling to spain - 11/17/07 02:33 PM

I grew up in Spain, from the age of 4 to 17 - so I am a bit biased. blush The people are incredibly friendly, the food is wonderful, and history hits you each time you turn around.

I was in Barcelona for a few days last week and this city rocks. I lived in Madrid as a child, and didn't know Barcelona well. There was no low-cost travel, so it was 'at the other end of the country' and because mostly of cultural differences, people from the two cities didn't always mix. Now, Barcelona is such a thriving place it has its own direct flights to such places as Newark, Buenos Aires and Singapore. Talk about a world class city!

While many of my friends were sitting back home in the freezing cold and even snow, I sat by the pier, in the sunshine, having an outdoor lunch of fresh seafood. Granted, the city isn't cheap, but prices are standard for Europe. There's plenty to do - I took the 'hop on, hop off' bus and could have continued hopping for a week!

Other favourite places? Malaysia for the food and scenery, Denmark for the sense of humour of its people, Brazil for the rainforest and lilting language... in fact there's hardly a country I've visited that I wouldn't go back to again, for one reason or another! smile
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Re: Travelling to spain - 02/19/08 09:10 AM

I agree that Barcelona rocks, Scribetrotter. I was there, too, for only for a week since I had to come back to NYC again.

Although that was a short stint, I completely enjoyed my stay, and would definitely go back for more.

Spain is really a wonderful place to be if you're looking for great food and cool beach resorts to go to.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 02/23/08 02:17 AM

I like Spain too.
In December I was in the Andalusia region, exploring the coast plus the cities of Seville, Granda and Cordoba.
Great places.
The only thing I ever have difficulty with in Spain is the very late and long lunches and dinners.
How about you?

Adventure Living Editor
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Re: Travelling to spain - 03/22/08 12:28 AM

Seville has a great Flamenco Museum. It's about a year or so old and has many high-tech and interactive features. You not only learn about this interesting art form, but you can sign-up (ahead of time) to take flamenco lessons. Check the schedule for the museum's flamenco performances. I really enjoyed this museum.
It inspired me to try and learn flamenco dancing.

Posted By: Bea Scott

Re: Travelling to spain - 03/24/08 06:49 AM

I love Barcelona! I really enjoyed the weather and the food! Its such a beautiful city!
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Re: Travelling to spain - 03/28/08 03:55 PM

I love Barcelona too, especially the old city.

Posted By: Candyce - Adventure Living

Re: Travelling to spain - 04/13/08 12:24 AM

This time of year Seville is especially beautiful as the orange trees lining the streets are in blossom. Wonderful aroma too.

What are some things you like about specific cities in spain?
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Re: Travelling to spain - 05/24/08 02:43 AM

Seville's Flamenco Dance Museum is one of my favorite atrtractions int he city. Taking a flamenco dance lesson makes for a great girlfriend's outing.
Find out more about my museum in my latest Adventure Living column.

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Re: Travelling to spain - 06/28/08 03:09 AM

We're going to Spain this year. We're starting our trip in Madrid and will be heading north. I am wondering about the late and long lunches and dinners. What are some of the specialty dishes to be on the look out for? How do you find a good place to eat? What other tips do you have to share? What about tipping?
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Re: Travelling to spain - 06/28/08 12:52 PM

I lived in Southern Spain for 2 years but that was nearly 20 years ago. You should try paella, which is a rice dish made with chicken and seafood and a specialty of Spain. It's delicious.

Spain is also famous for sherry.

I haven't been up north in Spain but you might find some good recommendations from this site Traveling in Spain
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Re: Travelling to spain - 06/29/08 01:58 AM

I'm in the process of reviewing a book called "Walking the Via de la Plata" (hiking an historic 1000-km pilgrimmage route in Spain). At the start of the book the authors, Ben Cole & Bethan Davies, list the "best" of the Via de la Plata, which includes the bread festival in early July in the town of Cea in Galicia -- too much fun!

Posted By: Candyce - Adventure Living

Re: Travelling to spain - 07/20/08 09:55 PM

That sounds like a great book.
Is it well-written and clear about details?
What was the reason for the pilgrimmage?

Thanks so much.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 11/19/08 09:59 AM

Usually the earlier you book flights the cheaper it will be. Don't forget to organise a student visa early as well.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 12/29/08 04:43 AM

We went to Spain in September of this year, and visited several cities, including Madrid and Salamanca. My favorite, though, ended up being the Basque city of Bilbao. The exquisite Guggenheim museum, the beautiful old city, and the to-die-for tapas and pintxos... it was a wonderful experience, and I can't wait to go back. It's a simple, quiet city, not hugely hustly-bustly like Madrid or Barcelona, but it was really incredibly lovely.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 12/01/09 01:57 AM

Our paths nearly crossed. We were there in late August & September. We stayed in Bilbao but did not get to the museum. We visited a friend in Mundaka. Spain was wonderful!
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Re: Travelling to spain - 10/01/11 02:46 PM

Been to many countries from east to west. I think people generally are all the same everywhere once you get to know them better. One has to be open and not shy to reach out to the natives of any country to understand and experience the culture, food and beauty of each country visited. They are all very nice to visit except for those wartorn ones.
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Re: Travelling to spain - 10/01/11 03:49 PM

I did a grand tour of Spain a few years ago and I agree that the Spanish people are very friendly -- muy simpaticos. It was a fabulous trip.
Started off in Madrid, then traveled to Barcelona to see the Holy Family Cathedral of Gaudi. After Barcelona we headed due north to Rosas popping into Andorra and Perpignan France for a day. Then we went south through Valencia, Alicante, staying in Malaga, and visited Gibraltar. We took the ferry to Morocco and finished the trip in Granada, Cordoba, Jerez and Seville. The Alhambra gardens were magnificent.
I fondly remember this trip -- the food, the people, the country along with delicious wines, cavas and beers.
Spain has a lot to offer the traveler! OLE!
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Re: Travelling to spain - 10/12/11 08:41 PM

I traveled through Andalusia two years ago and fell in love with Seville. I learned to dance the flamenco,sort of anyway, at a class held at the Flamenco Museum.

Any special restaurants you'd be sure to go back to?
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Re: Travelling to spain - 11/14/11 01:44 AM

There are many deals and packages to Spain in the winter.
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