Posted By: Alexandra Re: Which would you rather do? - 10/11/06 10:05 AM
This would be a good game.... decide on one of the two above, then suggest two of your own for the next poster.....

Skydive in New Zealand.....

Water ski in the caribbean
Dive amongst the fish in the Indian ocean....

Or stick to the two previous..... or add it all together....
As per Alexandra's excellent suggestion...
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Which would you rather do? - 02/07/13 07:32 PM
Both of these suggestions sounds awesome and I could not decide so I did not vote. The other two suggestions I could not do since I don't know how to swim. The things I'd love to do are try every thrill rides in the world and travel an entire country by foot (Europe has beautiful countries [Germany is my favorite] as long as theres no big spiders and i have the money and time id go). Skydive and bungee jump all over the world would be awesome too. But at the very top of my list I would like to be dumped on an inhabited island and left there for a long time (i wont complain if id be there for the rest of my life ESPECIALLY if id never see another human being again).
Nancy, I am with you. If only I had the time and $ to travel! There are several countries that I would like to travel on foot. Pretty much all of Europe, Latin America, China, Japan...and more!
Posted By: Tina Tourist Re: Which would you rather do? - 08/26/14 06:45 PM
Both sound fun but I have to agree with everyone else, sky-diving in New Zealand sounds amazing!
Posted By: Gordon Barlow Re: Which would you rather do? - 03/09/15 02:35 PM
Regrettably, I am far too old to do such things. But then I think I probably always *was* too old! I have lived vicariously through my son, who was and is an adventurous fellow. He bungee'd in New Zealand and has paraglided in Mexico and Morocco, and Scuba'd among the fish in the Caribbean where he was brought up. I don't think he ever waterski'd in the Caribbean, but I did it a few times in the Bahamas, when I lived there as a young man. [[[[Space for paragraph]]]] Even today adventure-vacations don't actually take much time or money, if you're prepared to rough it a bit. My son - same one - is flying off to Nepal for a couple of weeks for some paragliding in April - on his own money, which he has in only limited quantity. He lives in Europe (Norway) which makes the fares less than they would be from North America; but still... Rather less than five hundred USD per person, I think. There are a lot of bargains around, in the off-seasons.
Posted By: iTourNepal Re: Which would you rather do? - 04/05/18 08:31 AM
Seeing sky has more things to see. Open sky, far reaching landscape and the adrenaline of falling as well.

This is more or less like what you prefer between : Trekking in the Himalayas or Rafting in the Himalayas.
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