Posted By: Bonnie-Gifted Ed Advocating For Your Gifted Child - 03/13/13 12:27 AM
Looking for ways to communicate with your gifted child's school? Read tips and steps to help you be effective in your advocacy.

Advocating For Your Gifted Child
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Advocating For Your Gifted Child - 02/02/21 08:45 PM
It can definitely be tricky. I'm now a teacher for Outschool and sometimes the conversations with parents can be tricky. I have tween parents trying to put their children into my teen writing group. They don't realize sometimes that the levels aren't about grammar and spelling - both groups are quite good at those things. It's about the intensity of the issues - sometimes sexual - that the older group is addressing. There are just some things that the younger students aren't ready for emotionally.
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