Jewish People need to unite

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Jewish People need to unite - 12/12/08 02:17 AM

In the wake of the terrible tragedy and loss of lives at Mumbai, every Jew from atheist to ultra-Orthodox who knows about it had to feel connected.

Anyone interested in the idea of unity, please respond here or visit

Admin at Jewish People Unite
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Posted By: Lisa - Moms

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 12/18/08 10:06 PM

It is quite sad that the tragedies are what often bring us together. Your inspiration to do something about is admirable.
Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 12/18/08 11:08 PM

Dear Admin,

I think this is a very difficult task, because like christians and Muslims Jews
are very devided, due to tradition, religious, cultural, political, philosophical,
social, ethnic and political differances. You have the (normal) Orthodox Judaism, Modern Orthodox Judaism, Reform Judaism (also called liberal or Progressive Judaism), Conservative Judaism (in my country the Netherlands and Europe known as Masorti Judaism), Haredi/Hasidic Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Jewish Renewal,
Humanistic Judaism and secular Judaism (Jewish socialism rooted the German socialist and zionist Moses Hess (1812 - 1875) and in in the Pre-war Bund or the Labour Zionism of Poale Zion, today in the Israeli Labour Party and the left-wing Meretz-Yachad. A lot of European and American jews are secular jews too, whether they are leftwing, centrist or rightwing (Conservative or libertarian).
In my country I see the differances between the differant Jewish groups and individuals, although the Orthodox and Reform movement cooperate.
Zionist and anti-zionist or critical jews clash or quarrel over Israel, Jewish diaspora
matters and etc. The majority of the religious jews in the Netherlands and Belgium are Orthodox, but the majority of the Jews in the Netherlands are secular, both progressive social-liberal humanists and jews comming from traditional Social-democratic families (in Dutch we call that Red families or red background).
In the same time there are the cultural and ethnic differances between the Ashkenazi Jews from Western-Europe, Central-Europe (Poland, Lithuania), Eastern-Europe (Ukraine and Russia) and North-America (the Blond, Blue eyed Silver jews),
and the Southern-European and North-African (Maghreb) Sephardim, with their latin Ladino language and culture with Spanish and Portuges roots.
Next to these two main groups of Europe, you have the Middle-eastern Mizrachi jews, also called the Arab, Kurd (Mofaz), Persian and Berber jews from Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Egypt and other Arab countries, the African (Ethiopian and South-African Lemba) and Asian jews. In cultural and ethnic sense the Jewish melting pot of Israel is quite complicated, and in the Netherlands I saw a cultural gap between Dutch diaspora jews and Israeli's at parties and celebrations.

But jews in the Netherlands and America agreed with me when I said that Jewish Unity is important in 2003. But you know jews are always in intellectual debates with eachother, and they have the Semitic temperament, often mixed with Slav
and Southern-European elements. In my country you have seperate Ashkenazi and Sephardi shuls, and like other Dutch people jews are politically devided in Left wing and rightwing parties.



Federation of Dutch Zionists
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Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 12/18/08 11:53 PM

Intersting documentry about Ashkenazim in Israel,
and the cultural differances or gap between the
Ashkenazi Israeli (Zionist) elite and the Sephardi
and Mizrachi (Arab Jewish) newcommers of the
fourtees and fiftees.

A painful documentry about the discrimination
of non-ashkenazi jews!

(unfortunately mainly in Hebrew with Dutch subtitles
and some English spoken language)

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Posted By: Fayge

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 12/25/08 02:09 AM

Redhead, that there are Ashkenazic and Sephardic shuls to me is no cause for dismay. There are authentic differences in nuance. There is still much room for common ground though.
Enjoy Chanuka!
Posted By: Lisa - Moms

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 12/31/08 06:42 AM

Unity does not necessitate shared traditions or beliefs. Unity can entail harmony or agreement between people or groups.

Coming together on the foundation of unity - and not trying to persuade someone else to see things as you do - with the intention of breaking down ignorance and becoming more educated - can only enhance relationships between Jews.

The historical evolution of our differences is almost as interesting as our faith's traditions.

It is a paradox... .we bicker amongst each other because each of us must believe he or she is "right" in his or her practice. If we do not believe we are "right", then we are liable to make changes. At the same time, we must find a way to accept that other people's definition of right differs from our own and we need not make them wrong due to defensiveness, lack of confidence, or our need to have others follow the 'right' path. We, also, as Jews are on a constant path of growth and - so - our definition of "right" today may be different in days, weeks or years from now... and that's ok too.

I still like the premise of coming together in unity - despite differences in culture, practice and belief.
Posted By: Lady J

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 12/31/08 10:08 AM

amen lisa
Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/02/09 01:27 PM


I agree with you, but keep my defenition of the things I wrote here before.
Jews feel united, because of their faith, culture, bond, solidarity, a shared
past, and the Mitswah to love your fellow jew. That's very good, right,
ethical and moralisticly right.

But in the same time many jews live in goy environments, are far away
from a minyan which is required to arrange or attend a Shul service
and segregated from eachother in seperate communities.

A lot of them become christian, because the mixed marriages of Protestants
and Jews in the USA or leave their Judaism behind them, because they
became secular Americans or Europeans without an interest in Judaism
or Israel.

From the other side in the Netherlands and Poland you have young Dutch
and Polish people who found out about their jewish past, got interested,
attended Shul and started Hebrew or Judaic studies (autodidact and
in organised didactical form).

I speak from an European perspective ofcourse, because the Jewish
communities in the USA are large, well organised, alive and kicking
and florishing like the Protestant, Catholic and Evangelical communities.
I witnessed it when I visited New York in june 2008, when I stayed in
the Upper West Side of Manhattan and saw a lot of shul goers on
saturday mornings, and jews being a noral view as part of the pedestrans
on the street. Here in Europe few jews were left due to the Holocaust,]
and therefor you do not see them.

In South-Africa, Cape Town where my sister lives, the Jewish communities
are also alive and kicking, with shuls, community centres, kosher departments
in supermarkets, bagel luch rooms, jewish butchers, Judaica shops,
and Jewish neighbourhoods. In my country only Amsteram South (Buitenveldert)
has a significant Jewish minority, with a lot of Orthodox and liberal jews.

In my city Arnhem, you have an Orthodox shul too.

What I wanted to say is that there are a lof of differances between the
Diaspora communities in differant countries.
American jews are well organised, a political force, economical succesful,
have their media, culture, social networks and positive influence on the
society they live in.

In the Netherlands and other countries jews are a tiny minority in
an ocean of goyim, christians, atheists and muslims. Dutch jews are sometimes invisible, because they look like Dutch, dress like the Dutch and are very Dutch.
They are very active in politics, the legal system, medical professions,
culture and literature, business and education.
They have a positive image here and anti-semitism is not accepted
here, but the situation in the Middle east, muslim immgrants,
hooliganism and other phenomenons cause some problems.

Although the Dutch jews are devided on the Israel-Palestine issue, political
and cultural and religious matters they feel united in being Jewish,
in a shared past in a centuries old presence here, in what the holocaust
has brought upon them, and the right of Israel to exist.


Posted By: Admin Jewish People Unite

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/04/09 02:21 AM

When we speak about Jewish unity we have to understand that it is something beyond individual differences. For clarity, please listen to Rabbi Wachsman's audio which I posted on Rabbi Wachsman on Jewish Unity
Posted By: Lisa - Moms

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/04/09 03:19 AM

Pieter... You raise some wonderful points. It is all a matter of perspective. We only know the shoes that we stand in. I would have to say that my experience in the US is different than what you observed while visiting New York. I grew up in Chicago where it was probably similar to NY, but I now live in Arizona where Jews are very spread out and hardly united. We have high rates of mixed marriages and though there may be a fairly strong population of Jewish people (though still a minority), there is a very small percentage who are actually associated with synagogues.

It is quite amazing - worldwide - what the Jewish people have contributed to their communities, to the world of medicine, to technological advancement, etc... and - yet - it amazes me that the Jews are still thought to "own the world with their money" and to be conniving and dishonest people.

The challenge G-d has given us is quite perplexing.
Is your thought, Pieter, that Jewish unity is an impossibility? Is that what your ultimate thought is behind your words? Do you feel pessimistic about the situation or optimistic? Or - as I do - somewhere in between?

Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/04/09 06:25 PM


I agree with you totally that it is a matter of perspective.

I think jewish unity is possible, but that that requires a long term
strategy, short term tactical manouvres, and both individual and
collective participation of Individual jews and jewish religious
communities, groups, networks, organisations.

Like you do I am somewhere inbetween pessimism and optimism,
because I see division, competition, and like you too a very small
percentage who are actually associated with sinagogues and
Jewish organisations.

But I believe Judaism and the Jews are in the world with a purpose,
as people between the people, as teachers, as stewards or
caretakers of the (cultural) heritage of the world, together or in
cooperation with the brightests and smartests of others peoples.

Jewish unity is needed and necessary to reach Tikkun olam;
"repairing the world" or "perfecting the world."
After that you can reach real Tsedaka, justice and love towards
your fellow being, and chesed (loyalty, unity and unconditional
love). I met an Israeli woman in the Arnhem Shul durig a Yad
Vashem ceremony. I talked with her about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, and she told me that she believed that only the women, Israeli and Palestinian can solve the ongoing conflict, because the men are stuck in old patterns.

In Dutch Yiddish you have the expression Esjet Cajiel, a powerful
woman (31, The Book of Proverbs, verses 10).
In Judaism you have the power of the matriarchy next to the
Jewish patriarchy, when you unite the intellectual, spiritual and
political power of Jewish men and women you get Judaism.
When you unite the Jewish Diaspora communities with the
Israeli society you get a very vital people, a light in the world
among the nations. One of the most difficult and important
task is to built a bridge between Diaspora jews and Israeli's.

In my country I see a clear distinction between Dutch jews
and Israeli's, they are differant, but both jews.
They do not have the same culture, not always the same
views, but they go the same parties, concerts, exhebitions,
shuls, universities and community centres.

Many jews are individualistic yes, and many are not connected
to judaism in an organised form (religious or non-religious),
but they feel connected to Judaism in their hearts and minds.
I saw it in the eyes and the words of those two friends of mine
and in their individual keeping of Jewish traditions and
in their relationships with their partners and one of them
in the upbringing of her son. (due to me you are a jew and
this is judaism and jewish culture. Your father is christian and this is
your christian heritage. She cooks Yiddish and celebrates Chanukah.
The intellectual, rational jewish approach!)

Jewish unity or any unity starts with the individual!


Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/04/09 11:43 PM

Jewish unity

In my second reply or answer to you Lisa I am going to use examples of other religions to compare them to Judaism in accordance to the Jewish practice.
First Judaism exists more then 5000 years, and therefor has older roots, rituals, traditions, laws, and a religious practice and faith experiance then its offspring Christianity and Islam, and Judaism is closer to the old Zoratrist Persian faith then the two other Monothe�st faiths that came after it.
This old bond and continuation of faith, customs, culture, language and sense of belonging to a special cause and people is in itself already a sort of Unity in diversity. All jews agree on what the core meaning, the fundament and essence of being Jewish or a Jew/Jewess is. And that uniting element makes people who feel connected by the blood (Jewish mother, grandmother and so forth) and their faith to Judaism to be Jewish and united in Judaism.

I start by the Christian example, the largest religion in the world is Christianity and the largest church is the Roman-Catholic church, this church is based on the Jewish person Jesus, his Jewish mother Mary, the Jewish G'd JHW, Adonai or Hashem. Jesus built his church on the Jewish Fisherman Saint Peter, whom he called his rock. The Roman-Catholic church is built around this dogma and 900 million people belong to this faith and feel connected because they share a heritage, faith, customs, culture and a way of life.

Secondly you have the Islam which is the second offspring of Judaism, with their Tenach teachings, Orthodox Jewish way of service and education (the Islamic Madrasah looks very simular to the Jewish Jeshiva), their Jewish prophets (Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Isaiah, Samuel, Ezekiel and Job), 5 prayers a day towards Mecca (that comes from the three prayers towards Jerusalem of the Orthodox jews).

Ummah is an Arabic word meaning Community or Nation. It is commonly used to mean either the collective nation of states, or (in the context of pan-Arabism) the whole Arab world. In the context of Islam, the word ummah is used to mean the diaspora or "Community of the Believers" (ummat al-mu'minin), and thus the whole Muslim world.

The Jewish Ummah is K'lal Yisra'eel ('the united jewish community in the world), which means the decendants of the twelve tribes, or the Jewish Diaspora + Israel.
Lisa Judaism is very strong rooted in the world, because in the Old Israel and Judea it had two states, in Islamic Spain and Mideaval Poland jews were advisors and counselors or Sultans and Kings, and administrators of the estates of Polish nobiliy in Ukraine. Jews were also doctors, scientists and philosophers in the Arab world for Arab rulers (Egypt, Alexandria; Maimonides). Although anti-semitism in various parts of Europe, there was a Jewish enlightenment, social progress and reform in some parts of Europe after the middle ages. Napoleon accepted jews, the position of the german jews, jeke's, improved in the 18th and 19th centuries, also due to the the Jewish Enlightenment, Haskalah, and more peaceful coexistence of jewish-non-jewish people. With the exeption of Czarist Russia and the existing anti-semitism under some European writers, artists (the composer Wagner), politicians and rulers. Under influence of the formation of European nation states and European nationalism, especially German nationalism (Theodor Herzl was in advance a Jewish German Nationalist in Austria), Zionism started to develop as an independant branch of Nationalism, because the Jews had no state, and Palestine was Ottoman (Turkish) territory, inhabited with Arabs and Jewish, Druze and Armenian minorities. In the 20th century resurection of Israel the K'lal Yisra'eel
became reality when a part of the World diaspora returned to the land of the prophets and ancesters, and jews of the twelve tribes reunited in a difficult coexistence. Although the existing Kulturkampf (culture clash) of the Central (Poland) and Eastern-European (Russia) ashkenazi's, German Yekke's, American and Western-European jews on one side (most of them white Ashkenazi European jews too), and Southern-European (Latin/Ladino), Mediteranian, North-African and Middle-eastern Sephardic and Mizrachi (Arab) jews on the other side (the dark, semitic features, tinted skinned, Arab looking) oriental jews. Russian jews in Israel look down on the culture and music of the oriental jews in Israel, because they consider the Russian culture superior, and stay in their Russian culture, neighbourhoods, media, circles, networks, communities and atmosphere, Russian enclaves in an Hebrew and Arab speaking environment.

But in the same time jewish unity is growing in the only Jewish state in the world, because Ashkenazim and Sephardim merge in mixed marriages, creating the Israeli Sabra. Jews of European and American heritage become fascinated by the Sephardi and Mizrachi culture, art, music, heritage of the Middle eastern Arab, Berber, Turkish, Persian and Kurd jews, because they stand closer to the hebrew roots of the Torah, Mishnah and Palestinian Talmud. Ashkenazim see that their oriental brothers and sisters stand closer to the semitic roots, the Middle eastern culture, the people from Mosje in Egypt and the desert Sinai. In the same time they are the elite and know that the arab jews have resentments, because they were discriminated by Labour (Labourparty, Histraduth Union and Tshal/IDF army) Ashkenazi elites in the first decades of the existance of Israel. Wounds had to heal and they got their revenge with the victory of Likud with Begin in the seventees, eightees, ninetees and the beginnig of this century.

Like Israel world Judaism has to unite in a slowly proces of advance, being interested in other branches of Judaism, building bridges, and being less doctrinairy, dogmatic and more curious, rational-analytic, empirical,
and filled with the wish for K'lal Yisra'eel, creating a Chevre (circle of friends), and seeing the mitswah of Jewish Unity as part of Tikkun Olam, because when Jews finaly get united the world will be united and world peace will be near!

Jewish unity is probably the most difficult task in the world, but worth while
trying and striving for over and over again!

Jewish Unity in my view already exists, but it is stil hidden in it's diversity,
plurifomity, schisms, fierce intellectual debates and traditions.

Jewish Unity is in my view a sort of Jetser tov, a good approach!


The Jewish soul
A simple thing
At one with G-d
In everything

Simcha Wasseman
Posted By: Lisa - Moms

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/05/09 02:35 PM

Originally Posted By: Redhead
Jewish unity

and seeing the mitswah of Jewish Unity as part of Tikkun Olam, because when Jews finaly get united the world will be united and world peace will be near!

I really liked how you stated that.

Unfortunately, I think the times when Jews are best able to express our unity is when we are under distress and threats from others - as a people (like now, perhaps).

I am reading a book right now called SACRED CONTRACTS by Carolyn Myss. She reviews how the fathers of each religion came upon their life purposes. It is quite interesting 1) how each religion developed and came to be and 2) how - at the core of each - lies very similar values.

Life - as are all its issues - is quite a paradox. The concept of multiplicity in oneness stands strong in my mind. When all the Tribes were traveling in the desert together, they each camped among their own tribe. They were separate, yet together. They each had a specific task necessary for the survival of them all. They had their differences, yet they remained together in peace and interdependence.

Thank you for contributing so much to this discussion.

Do you have a plan of action for Jewish Unity in your mind?

Like, for example, the website created by Admin mentioned above... Jewish People Unite
Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/06/09 12:37 AM

Originally Posted By: Lisa - Judaism

Unfortunately, I think the times when Jews are best able to express our unity is when we are under distress and threats from others - as a people (like now, perhaps).

Jewish People Unite

Yes, unfortunately, but in the struggle for life, the survival of the fittest and the brigtest (the people who invent the best plans, strategies and actions), and in being unique you reinvent, reform and shape yourself.

The Jews and Judaism have managed to survive thousands of years, and over and over again they came in situations like this. They managed to come out of it time after time, sometimes with large losses, sometimes with little sacrifices.

The problem of today is the same which existed ten years ago and hundreds of years ago. You have enemies who wishes you did not exist. Islamic anti-semitism, Pan-arab Nationalistic anti-semitism, leftwing ideological anti-semitism (Radical anarchist and Communist far left), rightwing ideological anti-semitism (Xenophobic nationalists, Neo-Nazi's and reactionairy ultra-conservatives), Protestant-christian (Lutheranian) anti-semitism, Roman-Catholic anti-semitism, biological anti-semitism (social-darwinism) and related to that academic and intellectual anti-semitism, New anti-semitism and last but not least Jewish anti-semitism (J�discher selbstha�/Jewish selfhatred), well known representatives of this were Bobby Fisher, Karl Marx, Otto Weininger (anti-Semitic, but nonetheless Jewish philosopher), Karl Kraus, the Wittgenstein family, Bernie Madoff (he must be a selfhating jew) and the Austrian Bundes kanzler Bruno Kreiski.

Israel and Diaspora Judaism is in a difficult position, because exept from the USA, the Jewish state does not have much friends. Diaspora Judaism is in a vulnerable position, because the Jewish community is always a minority everywhere. During political or financial crisis, recessions and depressions,
unemployment and poverty, a worldwide decreasing economy, the jews can be an easy scapegoat, because the ancient old anti-semitic image stil exists under the surface under a thin layer of civilization and sophistication.

Jewish unity could be a good counter veiling power, a bastion of truth, strength, pride, social justice, humanity, freedom, legitimation and justification of the jewish cause, and therefor jewish life, jewish community,
jewish culture and faith and so Judaism!


Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/06/09 12:54 AM

Originally Posted By: Lisa - Judaism

I am reading a book right now called SACRED CONTRACTS by Carolyn Myss. She reviews how the fathers of each religion came upon their life purposes. It is quite interesting 1) how each religion developed and came to be and 2) how - at the core of each - lies very similar values.

Jewish People Unite


I have always been interested in religions, mythologies, and even pagan and earth religions connected to African and Southern-American tribes from an empirical perspective. It was part of my history teacher study in Amsterdam in the early ninetees.
Learning about the Mideaval believer (absolutist Monothe�st faith with a fear of God and the Natural environment), Islamic Spain, Judaism as the basic of the three monotheist religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoratrism (the old Persian faith), Sikh, and others enriched my life. Comming from a secular family in which education, personal development, science, culture and economy were seen as more important then religion, gave me no religious roots, although the awareness of the (Dutch) Protestant, and Polish (Catholic and Jewish) roots. I even look at some ideologies as a sort of atheist religion, because of the Messianic character of Marxism and socialism, and the biological and mythical aspects of fascism and Nazism (with it's pagan cult, and strange mysticism).

Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/06/09 01:23 AM

Originally Posted By: Lisa - Judaism
Originally Posted By: Redhead
Jewish unity

and seeing the mitswah of Jewish Unity as part of Tikkun Olam, because when Jews finaly get united the world will be united and world peace will be near!

I really liked how you stated that.


It is what I believe although I am not a religious jew. A jew once told me he thought that I have a Jewish soul, Nesjomme!

I don't know, I have no idea about that! I don't exactly know what it is!
All I know is that I don't know much and I hope that the little bit I know is enough to be able to have sensable live day to day communication in Dutch with my compatriots in my country and to be able to express myself in
ordinairy English with my American and European counterparts
(fellow forum users). I am not a Jewish cosmopolitan intellectual with a broad general and specific knowledge, nor a rebbe whom is experianced by life in a religious community and teachings, nor an academic expert on Judaism. I am an interested person!

I learned about Tikkun Olam while I was reading about Judaism in one of
my history books and Encyclopedea Judaica (to check what I was reading in that history book). After that I encountered that principle several times on internet. I believe that a Tsaddik, a very righteous person, especially a Hasidic spiritual leader, can only strive for Tikkun Olam, because that is Hashems purpose with the world. A jewish girlfriend told me about what she thought was the role of the Jewish women in this proces: To gather the lost pieces of light of the creation, and put them back togehter (in Dutch she called it: 'Het breken van de vaten', 'the breaking or cracking of the barrels').
The Jewish mother, girlfriend, female teacher, grandmother teaches her children, grandchildren or her pupils and students the Jewish tradition, Jewish customs, jewish holidays, jewish kosher kitchen, jewish sayings, jewish songs, jewish civilization which is kept in the practice of jewish family and community life. The unity is restored when Judaism is fully accepted as a core faith and original belief, the K'lal Yisrael is established, jews are normal people amongst the majority of goyim peoples in the world, peace exists everywhere, and anti-semitism, racism and xenephobia are relics of the past.
In that time there will be more tsaddiks then crooks!

Posted By: Redhead

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/06/09 01:47 AM

Originally Posted By: Lisa - Judaism
[quote=Redhead]Jewish unity

Do you have a plan of action for Jewish Unity in your mind?

Like, for example, the website created by Admin mentioned above... Jewish People Unite


I have no plan, action or idea for Jewish Unity, because I have no authority in Jewish circles, know to little jews to be able to have any influence in the Jewish world, and in fact am stil learning from these few jewish friends, and the jewish sources I have acces too.

I believe that my only influence is in one to one discussions, occasional writings like this, following the news as accurate as I can, reading a lot and trying to keep in touch with both the Diaspora and Israeli's in Holland.

Only jews themselves can reach Jewish Unity, and therefor they have to see the rightious jews, the charismatic leaders and tsaddiks amongst themselves to repair their Jewish world, to built the bridges between the communities, and approach eachother with an open view and wish to know eachother, accept eachother, respect eachother, engage eachother and unite in diversity.

Jews know how to do that, and they will have years or decades to do that, the sooner the better! Because Israel has not much time in a hostile world, and the Diaspora communities are to small to survive on their own! Therefor social mobility, mirgation between countries and aliyah are needed. More jews will become Israeli's when peace will be established in the Middle east.

Israeli's become Diaspora jews and Diaspora jews become Israeli's nowadays,
and that's okay. In the future they will be united if the K'lal Yisrael will be normal and established in the world after Tikkun Olam!

People are free to do what they want and to go the direction they find fit to themselves. I hope that they take the right decisions for themselves, follow the right course, get acces to the right knowledge and information, have had good upbringings and educations to devellop themselves and to go to the right places to create change and progress, and to invest in a shared future in which that Unity can exists, fasten, grow and establish itself in a United World Judaism, which is larger than Israel and the Diaspora as seperate identities.

Jewish unity in my view will lead to the unity in other faiths and after that to a better understanding between the three monotheist faiths, and to peace, and world unity in diversity. This process will lead to a better world.

And it is happening right now, but not many people see it!

That's all I can say! That's what I believe!

Posted By: Ranjit

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/06/09 03:57 PM

Posted By: Lisa - Moms

Re: Jewish People need to unite - 01/06/09 07:51 PM

Ranjit -

I, for one, would be very interested in hearing more. There have been recent changes to the coding and permission for sharing websites due to the high volumes lately of spammers.

I am not certain but I believe you have to make a certain number of posts before you can share a website... though if you'd like to email me, I can post it for you.

I must admit my ignorance of Ludwig Wittgenstein and his family though my interest is peaked. I am especially curious to hear more about his deep support for Judaism while being a convert.

I do know one does not have to be a halakhically observant Jew to be strongly connected to the faith of Judaism and Jewish issues.

I look forward to reading your book and hearing more!
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