President Obama has released his fiscal year 2012 budget proposal. Does it do enough to get the country back on track. Will Republicans support his plan to reduce the federal deficit and stimulate the economy? Find out here.
Janine what a great article - thank you. In the UK we are already well in the swing of major cuts from a coalition government in power since last May. It has been interesting to see how proposed changes have shifted, sometimes due to speed taking precedence over accuracy (for instance cuts in capital building costs for schools). More recently several hundred debt advisers in England were due to be made redundant and had stopped taking on clients before the government "found" enough money to keep their services going for another year... I wonder if Obama's longer experience in power may help him deliver a more sustainable programme.
Posted By: Linda Sue Grimes Re: Obama's FY12 Budget Proposal - 02/16/11 02:51 PM
Will Republicans support his plan to reduce the federal deficit and stimulate the economy?

If he had such a plan, Republicans would support it. However, he does not.

From PolitiFact:

Over the next 10 years, according to the president�s budget, there will be projected deficits every year. Here�s a rundown:

Year Deficit
2010: $1.293 trillion
2011: $1.645 trillion
2012: $1.101 trillion
2013: $768 billion
2014: $645 billion
2015: $607 billion
2016: $649 billion
2017: $627 billion
2018: $619 billion
2019: $681 billion
2020: $735 billion
2021: $774 billion

For further analysis, please see Barack Obama says White House budget would not add to the debt within a few years

It will be interesting to see what Republicans recommend as the debate goes forward. It's disingenuous to blame the President for the deficit. Obama inherited a $1.3 trillion dollar debt from the Bush Administration. It's not only Democrats who have trouble controlling spending. The national debt exploded during the Reagan administration and some economists claim he started this mess (I have read different opinions about this).

I don't think we will be able to get the deficit under control until we reign in spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the Military. Neither party has been willing to take on those beasts in a realistic way. There are a lot duplicate programs, as well as waste and fraud. I would love those issues to get some attention.

Posted By: Anonymous Re: Obama's FY12 Budget Proposal - 02/17/11 06:53 PM
all these cuts are doing is making the poor poorer and the rich richer, we have a coalition government in england who came to power in may 2010, and all the cuts are having a direct effect on us all, higher costs of food, clothes, petrol, you name it the price has gone up? it doesnt effect those that have wealth but it does to those that dont have anything. it amazes me how these people get into govern. the cuts are making businesses bankrupt, others homeless, others out of work with no jobs to get, and the country over crowded all on benefits. if you are having the same problems in the states then i feel sorry for you. before these people rule they all sweet talk the public to get their votes but change when they are in. america is the most powerful country in the world but its like britain and going into decline. cutting social security benefits for the sick is a total disgrace? and cutting medical care is also. it wont be long before we have riots both in american states and in britain due to useless governments just like in egypt.
Posted By: Linda Sue Grimes Re: Obama's FY12 Budget Proposal - 02/17/11 07:11 PM
Obama inherited a $1.3 trillion dollar debt from the Bush Administration.

And what did Obama do? Begin cutting? Hardly. His spending exceeds that of the Bush administration.

from Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures
�President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama would add another $1 trillion.
�President Bush began a string of expensive finan�cial bailouts. President Obama is accelerating that course.
�President Bush created a Medicare drug entitle�ment that will cost an estimated $800 billion in its first decade. President Obama has proposed a $634 billion down payment on a new govern�ment health care fund.
�President Bush increased federal education spending 58 percent faster than inflation. Presi�dent Obama would double it.

Also useful is Obama's trillions dwarf Bush's 'dangerous' spending

Posted By: GoodMorningSunshine Re: Obama's FY12 Budget Proposal - 06/04/11 06:29 PM
Interesting article Janine, thanks for sharing it.

I just hope the Dems get tougher and stop the many compromises with the republicans on the backs of the elderly, poor and uneducated.
Posted By: Jim Colyer Re: Obama's FY12 Budget Proposal - 04/19/12 05:40 AM
Obama is the worst president in American history.
Posted By: Craig58 Re: Obama's FY12 Budget Proposal - 05/01/12 08:01 PM
No, the worst President was George W. Bush
followed by Andrew Johnson, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Calvin Coolidge
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