One day, I saw a show on my digital streaming service I had always meant to watch, but never did. It was raining in Ohio, the garden didn’t need me, it was not a good time to exercise the dogs or walk to the library. I hit the button next to the pilot episode and began what would turn into hours of almost non-stop viewing of “Friday Night Lights”.

I say nonstop because I folded laundry and dusted the living room in between episodes, and stopped long enough to make lunch and dinner. That night, all other chores were forgotten as I had to find out if the coach would take a new job and if the suspended player would be eligible for the next big game.

I have heard that binge watching has been studied and related to depression. I don’t know exactly how I feel about that theory. I honestly treated the episodes as I would chapters in a really great book. I became involved deeply in the main plots as well as the predicaments of the secondary characters.

Next on my list - “Gilmore Girls” and “The Munsters”

What do you think about Binge Watching? Do you do it? How often? If not, why? And, do you think this is connected to your mood?

I look forward to hearing from you!
Oy, yes to the binge watching!! I first binge-watched in the spring of 2013. I was sick, and being in bed would be all I did for a couple of days. I discovered Hemlock Grove on Netflix, and watched it all in those two days.

Later that summer we'd just moved, and I was exhausted!!! That was when Orange is the new Black premiered. Ya, so I binge watched that too.

Over this last year my mom and aunt suddenly both required a super high level of care (they both have a form of dementia) and as I was getting this handled, the stress really overwhelmed me, and I found myself exhausted. I binge watched Blacklist - it took my mind off of things and allowed me to rest.

So yes, I definitely do it, but try to limit it. I LOVE TV, and a couple of times my day has gotten away from me because I got into watching something.

I'm currently watching the new season of Blacklist. I'm not quite binge-watching - like two episodes an evening.

I watched Gilmore Girls over last winter and spring - I LOVE that show!!
I love watching the episodes when I want and not having to remember what night "my shows" are one. smile
May I admit I am also a "Bob's Burgers" fan.
I love watching when I want to, but then get impatient because Netflix doesn't have the new season of something yet, and on TV, it's over halfway through, so I can't catch up there either.

Okay, I've never really watched Bob's Burgers - I do like Family Guy though! And have been a fan of The Simpsons for just ever.

I agree with you on the Netflix get excited about looking something up on there and they don't have what you want! I told my husband, we are paying 8 bucks a month to watch stuff we've watched already...but we still keep it - so I'll shut up about that! Love, love FGuy, spesh Brian!

Now to the Binge thing! I binge watch all of the time, so does my husband, Joe. Starting 6 weeks ago it was Chopped, then we kinda switched to Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and NCIS (our fave shows.) Then, in between those we go to Forensic Files and Seinfeld - because one of those is on the TV if the other is not! lol..but that's what we get when WE are awake - it isn't like we just watch those shows at all.

I would love to sit down and watch a B & W movie and curl up on the couch - but Cox cablevision won't let me do that for 100 bucks a month. Waaaahhhhh!
Allyson, we have cable, but I could do without it. I'm good with Netflix and then watching stuff on the computer.

I binge watched "Wayward Pines" that way - saw the first five or so episodes on the computer. Then had to WAAAAAAIIIIIITTT for the weekly episode UGH!!! Five more weeks of waiting LOL!!!
5 weeks? wow.

Never heard of Wayward Pines - what is it?
Originally Posted By Allyson - USACook/HomeCook
5 weeks? wow.

Never heard of Wayward Pines - what is it?

Allyson, it was a mini-series, so they did wrap it up in ten episodes. It was, well, a twilight-zone type of series. It had Matt Dillon. I love that dude!!
I did start watching Psych; my son recommended it to me. What I LOVE about it is how much awareness this guy has; he notices details and behaviors. Most people just don't have that kind of awareness.
Right now I'm watching "The Ranch" and some "Phineas and Ferb".

What is everyone else binging on?
I'm a big fan of binge-watching without commercials. Life is too short to spend on commercials. Also with binge watching you get to see all the tiny little details connect up which you might forget about if you go weeks or months between episodes. We just binged watched season 1 and part of season 2 of SnowPiercer. Now we have to wait each week for the upcoming episodes and I'm sad about that. I'd rather just watch them all and call it done. It would be like reading a book and waiting a week or more between chapters.
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