Koen De Bouw in New WWII Film

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Koen De Bouw in New WWII Film - 08/12/19 08:56 PM

I just finished watching Season 1 of "Professor T.", the Belgian police procedural starring Koen De Bouw, which gets better with each episode. De Bouw has a new film coming out this fall "Torpedo", or it may be released in the English-speaking world as "U-235". The movie follows a group of Belgian resistance fighters as they hijack a German submarine. The trailer plays like "The Dirty Dozen", but underwater. The film is multi-lingual (English, Dutch, German) and there are several different trailers. The one on IMDb is subtitled in English while the trailer on YouTube is subtitled in Dutch, but not difficult to follow. Here's a link. Torpedo Official Trailer
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Re: Koen De Bouw in New WWII Film - 08/14/19 01:22 AM

Reminds me of my childhood - lots of WWII movies. I told someone the other day that I felt like there has been war my whole life: WWII movies, Korea, VietNam, turmoil, Middle East. SIGH! We just had an exhibit at our museum for WWI. We put together bios of the men and women who served from our county. I do appreciate the sacrifices that the resistance made during WWII but I don't know that I want to watch any movies.

Sorry if I'm sort of off topic.
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Re: Koen De Bouw in New WWII Film - 08/14/19 07:27 PM

No problem, Angie. Because Koen De Bouw does such a great job in "Professor T." and the show is currently on PBS, I thought some readers might be interested in his new feature.

I just posted a review of "Pascali's Island", a quality British drama starring Ben Kingsley, Helen Mirren, and Charles Dance. The story takes place on a Greek Isle in 1908 and mirrors the end-of-summer mood we're in. Pascali's Island Film Review
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Re: Koen De Bouw in New WWII Film - 08/15/19 02:21 AM

I know people enjoy these shows. I have on a lot of occasions. It could be my end-of-summer mood - I'm tired of the troubles we are experiencing.
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