Deadpool (2016)

Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Deadpool (2016) - 12/25/17 01:37 AM

Warning: This contain spoilers.

Good movie.
This movie has it all, it is funny plus there is action and even drama. I started laughing at the start with the first song and I knew I would not be let down (was expecting a lot in this). Normally in an action movie I would be annoyed with the serious scenes (i can take some but not too much) but in this it works since it is the origin movie of that character so we have to know what happened to him plus a backstory is also needed so this works in this. The special effects sometimes looked off (thought it was because it was in 3d - looked on the imdb page and did not see a mention of this) but it kinds of fit in this. Even when it looked almost like turning the page of a comic book I was not annoyed. Even the animated little cute things fits. Oh and I hope they are bringing the cab driver back.
The acting, directing and music are great. The editing, cinematography, sounds, script, sets, makeup and costumes are good. The special effects and story are average.
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