Anybody had a message from Windows warning about these forums?

I came here last night for a small post and it warned me before, this morning it warned me again but I still did what I do here before breakfast (my computer was not happy about that - it tried to get me out of here once) then at least once later it warned me again to not enter (did not then) and it looked back to normal when I was writing something earlier but then another warning when I wanted to post. Right now it looks okay.

I got scared but I figured I have so much protection that it should be okay. Normally though when I have that warning I either leave or do not enter, this was the first time getting that with a website I go to every day.

I have to admit I have no clue what a security certificate is and if it matters or not when you still enter a website that do not have it!
It did it once more last night when I came back for one last post and it has not done it since then.

Still weird and still have no idea what it meant plus if I was the only one it happened to!
The site was affected for most of yesterday. I think, amidst all the changes with the new site formats, that there was some problem with the security certificate for the forums. Lisa seems to have dealt with that.
Thanks for the answer!
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