Posted By: Journey44 Running a command on a remote computer - 02/26/04 03:45 PM
Hi all,

Running a medium network all running Win2000. I want to know how to sit at one computer, and run commands on all the others via a batch script.

Theres a program calles xCmd which is supposed to be pretty good, but maybe theres something wrong with my syntax:

xCmd.exe \Lab17 /USER:Administrator /PWD:lab_one c:WINNTSystem32MSPaint.exe

It hangs after it connexts to remote service

Posted By: CoffeeMug Re: Running a command on a remote computer - 02/27/04 08:17 AM
I'm not sure what you mean...
You want to run this command from i.e. your computer on another computer, where the service/program is then executed and visible on that machine?

If you want to be able to take over a computer, it's easier to run a remote client tool. You can download VNC for free at Ultra VNC this enables you to run computers as servers which you can log onto.

If this is not the case, could you perhaps be a little more specific please?

Thanks in advance.
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