Buying Houseplants

Posted By: Sue - Houseplants

Buying Houseplants - 08/28/14 11:57 PM

Make sure you get the best plants for your money!

Buying Houseplants
Posted By: Lestie4containergardens

Re: Buying Houseplants - 08/29/14 03:52 AM

Hello Sue and Everyone,

Thanks for this interesting article Sue, the advice is so good always.

So many times in my earlier gardening life I fell for the 'rescue plant syndrome' - but no more, experience has taught me that!

I am lucky though, I have never had to quarantine any of my plants newly bought in - but I have had to separate those which later fell to something sticky or unwelcome.

I find home-made sprays good here but I have a definite approach to gardening ... everything has to pay its way, so if a plant is not performing consistently (given all the care it needs) then it is out I am afraid.

It is such a joy to pot up stuff - ah yes!

Posted By: Sue - Houseplants

Re: Buying Houseplants - 10/01/14 01:35 AM

I think every plant lover has gotten rescue plant syndrome at least once! smile
Posted By: Launa- Children's Books/Crafts Editor

Re: Buying Houseplants - 09/08/15 08:55 AM

I tend to love the look of African Violets and on many occasions when I want to thank someone at work I will buy them a plant. Some keep them alive and others don't. I think they look so nice when they are healthy and blooming.
Lately, I've taken to buying succulents and they (co-workers) have better luck when they don't have to do anything to keep them alive.
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