help with baby boy names

Posted By: SiD

help with baby boy names - 02/03/04 06:36 PM

Hi. I would like help in finding names for a bayy boy. for example bill is short for William, names like that. all help would be much appreciated.
Posted By: IceQueen

Re: help with baby boy names - 02/03/04 09:18 PM

Hey, SiD, you might want to check out Institute for Naming Children Humanely. They take into consideration the nicknames, plus it's very easy reading.
Posted By: lynhelp

Re: help with baby boy names - 02/20/04 12:59 PM

Thanks for writing, SiD, sorry about the major other computer died, lol.

The Institute for Naming Children Humanely is an excellent site as recommended by IceQueen.

Thanks for writing and thanks IceQueen for the excellent tip!

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