Posted By: I of Solitude ASP vs PHP - 04/25/04 03:40 AM
Can ASP acheive the same things as PHP?
Posted By: Dark Ifrit Re: ASP vs PHP - 05/19/04 11:22 AM
Yes and no putting it simply
Posted By: masterchef Re: ASP vs PHP - 06/02/04 02:51 AM
I have done asp for forever, but I am using invision for my forums which is php
I like the php as I've been using it for a couple months, but some things I can't figure out so I still do it in asp, but now I moved it to a host, so I will need to convert everything else to php.
I say php is better so far.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: ASP vs PHP - 06/08/04 04:01 AM
I really like ASP better, but that's a personal preference <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I can code really quickly and concisely in ASP and it gives you a wide range of built in commands and abilities. I suppose if you didn't need all of those options and just needed base-level operations, it might not matter tho!
Posted By: I of Solitude Re: ASP vs PHP - 06/26/04 01:00 AM
wow, that's a pretty good job on invision

I think ASP is more slower and more bugged than PHP so I think i would rather use PHP although not all servers will support it...just will have to find the right one
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: ASP vs PHP - 07/09/04 05:16 PM
More bugged?? I haven't hit any bugs in ASP, what bugs are you talking about?

As far as ASP being more slower, I do some HUGE database operations in ASP and it is blindingly fast. ASP is only as good as the coder and their grasp of the proper techniques. If you explain what is going slowly, we could help.
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