Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Do You Code Your Own Website? - 01/31/21 10:28 PM
It used to be that nearly all websites were coded by hand by their owners (or a helper).

Now the majority sites are being run in a commercial content management system like WordPress, with the author simply typing text into a box.

Do you have a hand-coded site any more? Or do you use some sort of a system to manage your site for you?
Hi Lisa! I just started a new project, using... Wordpress! But it's not, but .org, there's a difference!

It was a little bit difficult at the beginning, but now I find it to be quite logical and... easy! Yes! Quite friendly, and with lots of help on the net.
Posted By: Angie Re: Do You Code Your Own Website? - 02/06/21 02:23 PM
I use Wordpress . com. A long time ago I was studying html and tried my hand at using it on Netscape composer. I also am familiar with Web Expressions which was the followup to Front Page.
Posted By: Project4hire Re: Do You Code Your Own Website? - 03/30/21 10:44 AM
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