Posted By: Rhonda C Chicken Salad - 02/22/08 02:03 AM
I just made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner and wondered what everyone else puts in their chicken salad.

I boiled the chicken breasts in water seasoned with poultry seasoning and sweet basil. I then mixed mayo, chopped apple, toasted walnuts, chicken, salt and pepper. I spread the chicken salad on onion buns.

This was yummy but I would like to try a different recipe/variation next time. Any suggestions?
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Chicken Salad - 02/29/08 08:36 PM
I sometimes put macadamia nuts or almonds in mine. Green grapes are also good. Usually I just put in chopped onions and I always use mayo.
Posted By: K i K i Re: Chicken Salad - 02/29/08 08:56 PM
For traditional chicken salad I make it like you do, Rhonda. I like chopped pickles, red onions, and big pieces of celery with miracle whip.

I also make a really good pesto chicken salad- I use my leftover pesto and mix it in with plain mayo. (About 2 T of pesto and 3 T of mayo.) I also add in chopped celery ribs and red onions. I like serving that in a whole wheat pita with organic baby salad greens- delicious!

And then if those two varieties aren't enough I like doing chicken chunks cooked with a little bit of garlic and toasted sesame seeds. Chill the chicken and then add mandarin orange segments, chopped red onion, dried cranberries or dried cherries, and almond slivers. Add your favorite Asian style dressing (look for styles with sesame or ginger) and mix. We like eating these as lettuce wraps or you can mix it all together with some big lettuce leaves and stuff in a pita. Very good either way you serve it.
Posted By: chloe21 Re: Chicken Salad - 02/29/08 09:31 PM
Tarragon is also very good in chicken salad and served on a croissant.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Chicken Salad - 02/29/08 09:40 PM
Tarragon! I bet that is good in chicken salad. I'll try that next time. Thanks!
Posted By: Allison_PCAdvice Re: Chicken Salad - 03/01/08 09:19 PM
I like my chicken salad with grilled chicken (love the grilled flavor), mayo, onion, celery and fresh dill.
Posted By: Rhonda C Re: Chicken Salad - 03/05/08 04:31 AM
These all sound wonderful!!

Kristen, I love pesto, so I can't wait to try your pesto chicken salad.

I really shouldn't read the Food forum this late at night because now I am starving and I may not have enough willpower to stay out of the kitchen!
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