In addition to being a succulent meat, pork is versatile. It easily absorbs the flavors that it is cooked with. Be creative! Use your favorite flavors & condiments to build some luscious sandwiches. Use these 12 sandwiches to get ideas. Then, tell us about them on the BellaOnline Sandwiches Forum.

Luscious Pork Sandwich Ideas
Posted By: ChidoriDreams2 Re: Luscious Pork Sandwich Ideas - 05/13/19 03:14 PM
Whoa. Those are a lot of pork sandwich ideas. Connie. I'm always so impressed by 1. your dedication to your subject and 2. all of your super creative ideas.

Although I'm trying to stay away from pork/meat, I do like the taste of it. We used to make Chinese BBQ Pork Sandwiches. The Vietnamese make a yummy version using their crisp and soft French baguettes. Do you have a Lee's Sandwich chain in your area? Chinese BBQ Pork is marinated overnight then, grilled or roasted as it is brushed with honey water. Oh, so yummy!
For the Chinese barbecue pork, do you have a good marinade recipe that I could play with? I could use it on pork chops and make yummy sandwiches.

Thanks for all of your ideas over the years. Without you, I would still be clueless about muffaletta!
You know Connie you can make a girl hungry just by reading. And as for imagination - well the taste buds tango I tell you! Naughty person.

Keep making me read please.

Lestie, I am forever indebted to you for peppadews. Who's a naughty girl? Girlfriend, do you KNOW how much that those little red bits of deliciousness cost in the US? It is a wonderful, but costly, tasty treat.
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