White Fudge Candy RecipeS

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White Fudge Candy RecipeS - 07/14/18 02:54 PM

If you love your sandwiches as much as I do, you deserve a real sandwich meal. These yummy candy treats are a perfect ending to that tasty sandwich meal. Store the little bits of deliciousness in the freezer, and pull them out as-needed. Mmmmmm!

I like to save money on food. Buying several kinds of candy for dessert plates can be expensive. My White Fudge Recipe can yield quite a few unique types of candy, just by changing the add-ins and coatings. A sandwich can stand alone, but adding a small sweet treat can enhance your sandwich meal.

White Fudge Candy Recipes
Posted By: Lestie4containergardens

Re: White Fudge Candy RecipeS - 10/16/18 09:02 AM

Hello there Connie,

This is a TERRIBLE idea - whoever heard of having sweet treats anywhere let alone after a delish Connie-Sandwich-Meal? You are waylaying the innocent! You are enhancing lifestyle statistics! You are willfully sending subscribers to the Bella online obesity and diet sites! It is your fault that thousands of people, having eaten and raided the fridge, are SMILING!

What have you got to say for yourself?

Oh well! Ah nuts! I may as well come clean. I saw. I made. It conquered.

No sandwich required. Hmmm.

Container Gardening.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: White Fudge Candy RecipeS - 03/07/19 05:10 AM

Lestie, you are a great one to talk! You who got me started on the expensive peppadew peppers--now a serious craving for me. Never mind the delish apricot treats! Glad to see that I could help you the same way that you helped me! Cheerio sweetie!
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