Faced with a 2 pound bag of tiny frozen shrimp, I started obsessing about using them in a shrimp cake recipe. How tasty would that be? As it turns out, pretty darned delicious! Haul out your food processor, and let's start cooking. Yummy baked shrimp cake sandwiches are on the menu!

Baked Shrimp Cakes Recipe
Posted By: Susan Helene Kramer Re: Baked Shrimp Cakes Recipe - 06/14/14 03:00 AM
Connie, that recipe sounds so delicious! I'll give it a try in the near future ... thanks for thinking of it!
You are welcome! I enjoyed designing it.
These can be re-heated in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.
If you want slider sized sandwiches, there's a cheap and easy way to get slider buns. Just cut a hot dog bun in half!
Use a spicy tartar sauce, a leaf of lettuce, and thinly sliced tomato on the slider.
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