Posted By: YogaEditor Do you meditate? - 10/20/09 06:25 PM
I am wondering how many of you take the time to meditate each day and if you do this by itself or include it as part of your Yoga practice.

There's some debate over the whole idea of whether meditation is actually part of Yoga as some consider it "religious". I myself put it in the category of quiet-time to decompress, but I'm wondering what everyone here thinks?

Let me know - I am thinking about writing an article about this and I'd love the feedback!

Have a peaceful day everyone!

Nancy Welker, Yoga Editor
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Posted By: BoomerGal Re: Do you meditate? - 10/20/09 07:04 PM
I take a yoga class twice a week and meditation is an important part of the class. I don't consider it "religious" really. It calms my mind and helps me to focus.

Other than class, I try to take time out each day to just be quiet and focus on my breath, or just sit and let my mind drift, not really focusing on anything. It's very calming.
Posted By: Lisa - Buddhism Re: Do you meditate? - 10/20/09 10:12 PM
The yoga studio I go to also includes meditation, and chanting actually too, as a natural part of each class. But I know what you mean, many people consider this 'too religious', and alot of studios don't do it. I think it can be what you want, there are a lot of different types of meditation, and depending on a person's intent, it can be many things. It can be a method to decompress/manage stress, and is taught as such in many hospitals and health centers these days. Or it can be a method for exploring certain mental and emotional patterns, which is how many psychologists use it. Or it can be a way of exploring spirituality, a method for communing with a higher power or law, however someone defines it. So personally I don't think meditation is religious in and of itself, it depends on the intent and goals of the person.
Per your question, I do have a daily meditation practice, but that actually predates my yoga practice, from my days studying with a Buddhist teacher, so it is separate from my yoga practice in that sense.
Posted By: SpiritualArtist Re: Do you meditate? - 10/21/09 01:51 AM
I meditate every day, but I don't do yoga (I do weight lifting alternating with cardio). I just never got into yoga. I approach my meditation time though as a centering, de-stressing and religious experience. I don't formally attend a church service anymore so my meditation is a form of getting in touch with God as well as quieting my mind. I meditate to guided music/words that take me to my special place. Once I get there I'm in at a pretty deep alpha level and feel serene, relaxed and physically touched on my head by God's hand. Since I've been meditating (for the last 10 years) I noticed I have a lower tolerance for chaos. It's as if meditation is so soothing to my soul that too much negative stimulation from the environment, when I'm outside of meditation, presents something I want to escape by going back into meditation. As an artist...I get the same results when I paint, I'm in another - peaceful zone. smile

Posted By: YogaEditor Re: Do you meditate? - 10/22/09 03:43 PM
Thank you! Even though you don't consider yourself to be practicing Yoga - your meditation practices are what Yoga is aimed at being.

Peace to you!

Posted By: YogaEditor Re: Do you meditate? - 10/22/09 03:44 PM
Thank you, Lisa!

Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Do you meditate? - 10/25/09 11:48 PM
I meditate at night when I am winding down. I find it really helps a lot with being able to sleep - to stop the "hamster wheel" constant spinning of my mind.
Posted By: filipa Re: Do you meditate? - 10/30/09 02:26 PM
I don't meditate, but I have been thinking about starting for a while now. I don't see it at all as something religious- I think that most people do it to calm their minds, stay more focused and reduce stress. I think meditation can also be what you want it to be- if you are religious, then you can find some way to incorporate your religion in your meditation paractices.
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