Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Video Games Help the Brain - 10/15/09 12:42 AM
MIT and doctors agree - video games help the brain improve

Video Games Help the Brain

Do you play any games that you feel "help you improve"?

We have many Wii Fit games and Brain Game games that are deliberately aimed at that!
I have learned that video games help people with severe chronic pain. Has something to do with pheromones and of course concentration. I am sure World of Warcraft has helped me improve wink Seriously, yes I do. I am also in the market for software for the 2-year old crowd.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Video Games Help the Brain - 10/16/09 05:51 AM
Definitely I know of many studies where games are used to "redirect" someone's attention. So if someone is undergoing therapy that makes them really hot for example, they give them a video game that's all set in arctic cold and it really does help them smile Very cool!
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Video Games Help the Brain - 08/02/18 07:54 PM
I believe that even little games like card games can do that. Also coloring may help the brain too. Probably everything that uses the brain actually helps it. All you need to do is think and try to solve something and it probably helps.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Video Games Help the Brain - 01/31/21 10:46 PM
When people get stressed, video games can help them relax and get their mind off their problems. So that is a good thing. It can be meditative.
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