Posted By: voiceovergal My fave computer games - 05/21/07 02:47 PM
My current favourite games to play on my computer are Mah Jong and Backgammon. I like them because it's easy to slip in a quick game when I need a break from some projects that I might be working on; or if I'm cooking I can easily stop, check to see that I'm not burning dinner and get back to my game!

How about you peeps?

Posted By: allysa Re: My fave computer games - 07/13/07 10:49 PM
I love to play minesweeper. laugh
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: My fave computer games - 08/21/18 07:13 PM
I still miss the Yahoo games and these were my favorites (Dice Slider & Pyramid & Mahjong Solitaire & Tornado 21 & JT's Blocks & Bingo - they also had Popcap Games and Dynomite [for some reason they discontinued it] & Zuma & Bookworm & Alchemy & Type Shark were my favorites for these). Flash Ludo, Lightning and Stan Skates then became my favorite games. Now I really love the games that are like real life (was able to win Shopping Street about two or three years ago), I always thought these games were dumb until I tried one, I also love the tower defense games, these take a lot of times but are super fun. Of course card games and other solitaires like mahjong I play often too. Oh and the bubble shooter games (was able to win the original this year) and any other types like that too I love.
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