This is a post-wedding topic, but it's an important one if you're planning to recoup wedding-related losses by selling your dress later on. smile

For those of you who have successfully sold your wedding dresses: How did you do it? What website or second-hand store did you go to, how did you determine the price, etc.?

Also, did you successfully sell any other wedding items, like any of the decorations?

Posted By: Astera Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/12/11 06:11 AM
I will rent wedding dress, a not buy. Will be spending a lot less money. Many thousand dollar wedding dresses will rent for only a couple of hundred dollars. In fact, many rental businesses offer packages that include veil, shoes and jewelry. If buying these items individually is something that causes you worry. The money saved can be put towards other aspects of the wedding, or to save up for a new house.
Posted By: Hanna86 Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/12/11 08:08 AM
For the people who want to save money,renting wedding items is a very good choice.After all, the wedding items are very expensive in nowadays. Most of all,you will nearly wear the wedding dress after wedding feast.To some women, it means a waste of resource.Some people who want to sell their wedding dresses can be understood.
Posted By: una87 Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/13/11 08:24 AM
im not married yet, but i think i wont sell, just as my sister does. my sister get her wedding dress cleaned and gently stored in her closet, she always say it is an emotional attachment,and she will wear it on her anniversary!!!
Posted By: ExerciseEditor Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/13/11 03:57 PM
I loved my wedding dress. It was a Sheath Halter Beaded Dress with a removable satin train. Looked similar to this Sheath/Column Halter Lace Wedding Dress except mine was lace satin and it had exquisite beading all over.

It was around $700 and I kept it for 6 years even though I divorced and remarried. I finally sold it when we moved from a big house to an apt. half the size. I think I got about $150 at used clothing store that had a prom/wedding section.

I remember walking through the MGM on our way to the little white chapel and people in the casino said such nice things to us but lots of people commented on the dress. It was a long walk from our room to the side entrance where the limos pick up so even though our wedding was tiny, tons of people saw me in the dress and also at the Tropicana where we went for dinner with our families after. Good memories : )

My second wedding dress was a cheap Metallic Brocade Sheath Mini Dress from Ross (lol).
Posted By: Laurie PK Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/13/11 05:37 PM
Did you know that Marie Osmond recently remarried her ex-husband? She wore the same wedding dress that she wore the first time they married, 15 years ago (at least I think it was 15 years...I can't remember exactly!)
Posted By: ExerciseEditor Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/13/11 05:47 PM
That's funny and cool and weird. I'm going to google that now. Thank you : )
Posted By: Hanna86 Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/16/11 02:25 AM
The story sounds really interesting and exciting.Hope the couple can cherish with each other and live more happily.
Posted By: James Notto Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/25/11 07:39 AM
rent a wedding dress or buy a wedding dress, i dunno. if rent one,after the wedding, i should return it back, lost something. if buy one, the cost would be increase, and maybe i wouldnt wear it again, its so hard to make a choice.
Posted By: Hanna86 Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 05/27/11 08:02 AM
Yeah,maybe you can DIY the wedding dress.If you have enough time and are very interested in making cloth. I think you can buy some materials and then do it according to your favorite design.Without any doubt,you can reduce the cost and enjoy the process. Lol
Posted By: Denalyaa Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 11/20/14 04:29 AM
Wow, my wedding dresses really nice because it is my husband that picked for me. The back of the gown is finished with zipper up back style. Accented by glittering rows of sequins, the dress has a polished ladylike appeal that's entirely elegant. So the wedding dress are retained to the present.
I made one daughters wedding dress, then after the wedding had it cleaned and archival boxed and stored away. She hopes her daughter will be able to wear it.
My other daughter wants me to cut up her dress to make a blessing dress for her baby.
I save the scraps from when my daughter-in-law had her dress made and I was able to make a blessing dress for her daughter.
Just an idea...
Posted By: Angel S. Class Re: Did you sell your wedding dress? - 11/27/17 07:33 AM
I'm not married yet but I'm sure I'll never sell it. I like to keep my special things safe.
For some odd reason, I never sold my wedding dress. I think it was a size 3 and I will probably never fit it again. I suppose it had sentimental value.
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