Posted By: Nancy Roussy Don't Drive Here - 08/18/14 04:42 PM
Anyone here watched the first season?

I learned less than on hour ago when I was looking at tonight's schedule that the second season is premiering tonight (now i know why there were no new Canada's Worst Driver this year). For those who do not know (im not sure if that show plays in the US) it's a man who goes to different countries and drive there, he tries different kinds of vehicules from these countries.

I cannot believe that he agreed to do another season, it's a miracle that he did not have an heart attack during the first season, he was so scared it was not even funny, most of the times he had his jaws so closed I was sure he would dislocate it or at the very least break some teeth! When he does Canada's Worst Driver and is stuck in the car with these idiots he looks peaceful compared to that show!
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Don't Drive Here - 08/18/14 11:14 PM
The first episode was in Nairobi. At one time I think I saw in his face regrets for making a second season. When he was in the park it was very cool.

I don't know why I watch things like that. It's like an horror movie for me, I love thrill rides and would love to skydive and bungee jump but watching that show scares me. And it sure does not help me in starting to drive again.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Don't Drive Here - 08/25/14 11:05 PM
The second episode was in Ho Chi Minh.

This was a crazy episode (technically all the places he tried are like that). There adults by law have to wear helmets but not babies and children, it was so scary seeing all these young kids and babies riding without helmets while the adults wore one! And there roundabouts, holy molly, I am so glad I never had to drive through one. What I did not liked though was that he drove a scooter with poor Fishes stuck in small plastic bags, that was pure animal torture, I wish he would of declined that, there were plenty of other forms of transportations or other things sold by scooters he could of done instead!
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