What Type of Newsletter do You Publish

Posted By: Grace-Newsletters Editor

What Type of Newsletter do You Publish - 08/07/12 12:21 PM

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here's the current aticle for the week. Take a look at and posts your comments, statements etc.

We have a lot of email newsletters here at BellaOnline and I am sure many of you have your own. They may be personal or hobby newsletters. They can be literary or paid subscribtion.

No matter the type would love to know what kind you produce and why you chose the one you did.
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There are many industry and niche newsletters being published and circulated on a wide scale. And even more are being created everyday. Where's a person to start if considering creating their own? What type of newsletter would you publish?

What type of Newsletter do You Publish
Posted By: Lori - Marriage

Re: What Type of Newsletter do You Publish - 08/12/12 04:49 PM

Hi, Grace. Thanks for stopping by my marriage forum with your great insights. Congrats on your 30th. I would sure love if you would share more of your marriage experiences. People can learn more than the marriage struggles and triumphs than from smooth sailing marriages. My own has been a challenge but so worth it. smile

We just celebrated our 27th!

Anyway, I will stop by your site/forum more often. I need to develop and send out two newsletters!

Thanks again!
Posted By: leahmullen

Re: What Type of Newsletter do You Publish - 10/27/13 07:59 PM

Hi Grace,

I basically send out my newsletter here on BOL. I would like to improve upon it so I will be reading lots and lots of your articles.
Posted By: Grace-Newsletters Editor

Re: What Type of Newsletter do You Publish - 11/02/13 10:44 AM

Hi Leah, thanks for stopping by.

So I see you
would like to improve on your newsletter
here on BOL. Do you know what it is you're looking to improve on?

The new year is almost here and I am soliciting ideas and suggestions on what newsletter publishers everywhere would like to see more of on the Ezines and Newsletters site here.

I am doing doing research and looking at different ways to help my readers improve and bring their newsletters into the fore front of
being all that they can be
to the readers.

I am in the process of moving so I might be a little sporadic with my articles, but once settled I will be taking a little different direction with my article topics and looking for new subjects in the world of newsletters to address.

So any suggestion or question you have please don't hesitate to post them here. I am very interested in knowing what people are thinking and doing with their newsletters.
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