My first thoughts.......

Posted By: Debra Ferrie

My first thoughts....... - 01/03/10 03:59 PM

when I saw the words "budget decor", the first thing that popped into my mind is yard sales. I have been going to them and holding them since I was 10 years old. My house is decorated GORGEOUS..people come in and always compliment my furniture, vases, wall hangings, etc. and I got 80% of them at yard sales. Gorgeous buffet for $45, beautiful wine/bakers rack for $7, expensive($1200 retail) Broyhill entertainment center for $150, various ficus trees for about $5 each. Oh, a stunning wood bench with storage for, yup, $5 again. If you don't go to yard sales, I highly recommend getting started. Some of the other best buys are books,clothes and toys. We buy maybe 200 books a season , all for about .25 cents each..that's $50 for 200 books!I've also bought NEW toys for cheap, barely worn comforters, and patio decor. So, talk about "budget" doesn't have to mean cheap. You can get used expensive stuff at a fraction of the cost at yard sales or even craigslist. Happy hunting!
Posted By: MamaPR

Re: My first thoughts....... - 01/03/10 05:22 PM

This is so true, many believe all that is showcased in yard sales are not worth buying. But I have found some real gems over the years! Great post!
Posted By: rdywenur

Re: My first thoughts....... - 01/03/10 08:20 PM

obviously you must be one of those people that can look at something and see the possiblities or are good with refinishing...both a gift. If one knows how one can do wonders with a bit of imagination. It is never about cost.
Posted By: conniem

Re: My first thoughts....... - 01/11/10 01:56 PM

I always look forward to spring and the garage sales here! We have a big townwide garage sale here and the town 10 miles from here has 2. One in the spring and one in the fall. I love a bargain and no one knows unless you tell them!
Posted By: Lisa H

Re: My first thoughts....... - 02/20/10 04:49 AM

Yard sales are so much fun. When we moved from sunny southern CA to Washington State. I thought we'd suffer in the winter, but in the colder months a lot of churches and ocmmunity groups have indoor yard sale fundraisers. The prices aren't always as good as when someone is having a home yard sale, but with so many people contributing there's always a lot to choose from.
Posted By: PJK56

Re: My first thoughts....... - 03/13/10 04:07 AM

Now it finally warms up again here in South Texas and so the Yard and Garage Sales will start again too and what does that mean? I will be busy on Saturday mornings going on treasure hunting again. Most people roll their eyes when they hear garage sale and would never buy anything used. But not me. I have found some really nice stuff on garage or yard sales for sometimes only a very few bucks. Only because someone grew tired of an item and sells it, doesn't mean the item is bad or of lower quality. Also don't forget about the fun and social factor of garage and yard sales. To meet new people, to chit chat for a bit and even to haggle about the price can be a lot of fun.
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