Idea for Inexpensive Christmas Gift

Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor

Idea for Inexpensive Christmas Gift - 10/23/05 01:36 AM

Hi, I was trying to figure out where to post this, so we'll try here!

We are always tring to think up unique ideas for my grandparents for Christmas (that aren't going to break the bank).

The past couple of years have been real winners by going to Picture People and having photos made of all the great-grankids together and another of all the grandkids together. (We know we've done goo when Granny cries).

Anyway, I was trying to think up something different, but still in the "family" theme, because they seem to really enjoy that. So I thought of a "Family Tree Ornaments".

I went to a hobby store and got those opaque ornaments in different sizes, XL- parents, L- kids, M- grandkids, & S- great-grandkids. And I'm using paint markers to paint a simple boys, gilrs, mans, womans, or babys face and name on each ornament. You can decorate them as simple (smiley face w/ hair) or as ornate (caricature) as you are capable of.

The ornaments come in packs of 4, 8, 12, 16 - all for about $3.50, and the pens are a couple of bucks each (or you could use paint and brush). And you can update as more babies are born.

I'm having LOTS of fun with this, since some of my uncles are going bald, and some of the teens are trying to grow mustaches, or dying hair funky colors, and we have SOOOOO many babies!
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Re: Idea for Inexpensive Christmas Gift - 10/23/05 09:38 PM

Michelle those sound soooo cute! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

You could decoupage` a wooden tray with copies of lots of different family pictures. One of our family members did that one year.

Last year my MIL gave my husband a scrapbook of his life. Actually it was two scrapbooks; one was family history, records, etc. and the other was pictures of his life. Each sister got one too. Those were amazing gifts!!
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Re: Idea for Inexpensive Christmas Gift - 10/24/05 02:30 PM

I did a scrapbook for my mother in laws' mother's day gift. It started out with her pictures, then moved to each parent and then them together. It went through all of her brothers and sister with their kids. Then her kids and her new husband and step kids. Then grandkids. Each person got a page. It has songs and poems about the family and love. It has room for more. It was a time consuming gift, but it was worth it.
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Re: Idea for Inexpensive Christmas Gift - 12/07/06 04:22 AM

Handmade gifts are always wonderful ideas for Christmas! I love the suggestions in this thread!

Here are some ideas I�ve done over the years:

Buy a rotating remote control holder that displays a photo on each side. Take pictures of your family outside with nature as a backdrop and put in the holder. Great for grandparents. I got my holder from Bed, Bath & Beyond, but I�ve seen them at Walmart, too. It makes a humdrum albeit useful gift very personable!

Blow up a favorite photo into a full-size poster. Kids love these if it's a pic of them!

Go to Michaels or any Arts & Crafts shop and let your creative juices flow. One year I bought a heart-shaped plaque, painted it and glued wooden letters on it that read �Gramma�s Secret Room� for my mom�s studio.

I also bought a clock kit and painted it with textured spray paint with a green �granite� look. Then I glued gold painted wooden letters on the front that said �24 Hour Grampa.�

If you make something � don�t forget to sign & date it if at all possible! Makes it that much more meaningful over the years.
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