Birds as a Pet

Posted By: Diana - Birds Editor

Birds as a Pet - 03/07/13 11:48 AM

Have you considered a bird as a pet? They can make outstanding pets. They are highly intelligent and social. However, pet birds can also be destructive, loud, and demanding. A pet bird can also be very loving and affectionate. Find out if a pet bird is for you.

Birds as Pets
Posted By: cindylou

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/13/13 06:38 AM

I have a quaker, he is almost 10.
Posted By: Diana - Birds Editor

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/14/13 11:48 AM

Quakers are wonderful birds. What is his/her name?
Posted By: Terry - Holistic Health

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/20/13 04:19 PM

I have a rather odd situation. I have a parakeet that I have had for ten years. He is very loveable and is fond of people. He spends a lot of time alone during the day while I am at work, it bothered me, so a couple of years ago I bought him a friend, another parakeet. Everything was fine for about 9 months and then she just died. I felt horrible but I just figured it was an accident and buried her. About a year and a half later I got him another friend and the strangest thing was he died also. So now my original bird is alone again. Is this just a freak occurrence or is my bird doing something to them and prefers to be alone? I'm not sure what I should do.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/20/13 04:32 PM

I do not have any pets right now (for many years now sadly...i am not in a situation where i should have 1 now so im waiting until im settled to adopt) but I have had three birds. My first was a female Gray Cockatiel named Cocotte. Then a femal White Dove named Poupoutte. And the last was a a male Gray Cockatiel named GuiGui. Cocotte I was young for her and did not know nothing about pet shops so I bought he in one, she got sick but we did not know it so when she died (in my moms arms) it was a shock. Poupoutte was let outside (we never found out if it was an accident or not..she did have a ring that we asked to take off but our veterinarian never was able to find where it was she came from) and my mom caught her one day and we all decided to keep her, she got sick from a virus she caught when she was living outside and when she was suffering too much we put her to sleep. GuiGui was given to an old lady and she gave him up to our veterinarian and we adopted him not too long after knowing about him, he got a cancer and when he was suffering too much we put him to sleep. All of them except for GuiGui were very loving animals that loved to be with us and be touched. Doves sing a lot so if you do not want to hear a bird singing all day long they are not for you. Cockatiels are not very loud but when they do vocals they can be loud (with us it was mostly when excited we were back home or when they were scared by something they saw outside). All of our birds were kept in a closed room where they could be safe and not fly away. Cocotte was in our kichen and GuiGui too (he loved her but her not so much) and when she died he went to one of our living room that was for Poupoutte, my mom bought a sheer fabric to separate them so no fights happened. I loved having birds. If you are often at home then they are awesome pets but please do not get one if you are not often at home!
Posted By: Terry - Holistic Health

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/20/13 05:15 PM

Well, I spend time with him everyday and their is always someone here at home it is just that I thought it would be nice if he had a companion in his cage. I also have the radio on at all times. I let him out so he can sit on my shoulder while I am on the computer. I was just curious why the other ones died. I have always had a bird or 2 and nothing ever happened like this. I also have a chihuahua that my bird is quite attached to.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/20/13 06:04 PM

Where did you get the two birds that died? Depending on where they were could be the reason why they died like that. My poor Cocotte was from a petshop and the veterinarian could not even know with the autopsy what exactly she had (almost all her interior organs were rotten...she did not even looked sick) animals that are sold (i hate that sooo much...animals are alive theyre not objects) in pet shops come from horrible places and the transportation to the pet shops is horrible too. Or maybe you were just very unlucky. I know that a lot of the big birds are kidnapped while they are free then sent here in boxes with many of them (often packed to the max) so you could of got one or both of these birds like that. Either way it is very sad that both birds died so fast, at least they had a nice life when they were with you I am sure. If your bird seems happy like that it is okay that he does not have a bird friend with him. After all you are often there and when you are not there is someone else plus he has a dog friend so he is not really alone. Birds will go crazy if they spend all their time in a cage and/or alone.
Posted By: Diana - Birds Editor

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/21/13 10:00 AM

Did you buy both the parakeets from the same store? Could be a genetic problem.
Posted By: johnmcleren

Re: Birds as a Pet - 09/05/13 06:49 AM

Nice one, nice article, it is very good on the points that which you have mentioned. I have a bird pet, a parrot named Robert. She is cute, she speaks a little bit. I spend a lot of time with her. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Posted By: stylish17

Re: Birds as a Pet - 10/03/13 05:03 AM

Yes I considered bird as a pet. And I agree that birds are really have keen mind and nice attitude. I think birds are really loving like the other pets.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: Birds as a Pet - 06/19/14 07:59 AM

We can't have Quakers in Kansas, but they are legal across the state line in Missouri.

We have 3 love birds (The Biter Brigade) and a cockatiel.
Posted By: Korie - Folklore//Knitting/Yoga Editor

Re: Birds as a Pet - 09/19/15 07:13 PM

I am owned by a lovebird and a cockatiel. They are both wonderful little friends!
Posted By: Ally-Home/Hols/USA Cook

Re: Birds as a Pet - 09/19/15 07:58 PM

I had a cockatiel once...I say once. That was one noisy, dirty, seed-throwing bird ever!!! lol NEVER AGAIN! LOL
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: Birds as a Pet - 03/26/17 11:14 AM

So sorry! Our Snickers Burdette is a little charmer who enjoys helping with the dishes. He sits on my shoulder and offers encouragement.
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