Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Jason X - 10/11/10 01:39 AM
As I sit here staring at my computer screen - tonight's movie is Jason X - for those that don't know - Jason is in outerspace in this one. not horribly scary - more funny then anything else. Anyone else like this movie?
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Jason X - 10/12/10 09:40 PM
I thought it was okay - much better than Jason Takes Manhatten LOL (though that's not saying much) smile
I thought it had some funny and interesting scenes - I liked the scene where they had the computer simulate "girls drinking and having pre-marital sex" so he would go after them - that was very funny. It was a fun movie, nothing really scary or serious about it. Though Jason did still manage to creep me out a little...
Posted By: surnim Re: Jason X - 10/16/10 07:11 AM
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Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Jason X - 10/16/10 05:13 PM
Ahhh, Steven now I've gotta go watch Jason Takes Manhattan so I can compare grin
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Jason X - 10/16/10 06:57 PM
On one scene in Jason takes Manhatten, me and my friend were hysterical as we watched Jason punch a guy in the face on top of a skyscraper, only for the guys head to go flying off his neck into the skyline - while his body, neck included just fell to the floor - it's one of the worst slashers ever - but still Jason manages to creep me out - I think it's the mask, the mashette and the size of him.
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Jason X - 10/16/10 10:05 PM
I'm gonna have to order from Amazon. Best Buy didn't have it...
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Jason X - 10/17/10 12:00 AM
Don't buy it unless it's cheap Dianne - Freddy Vs Jason is much, much better - mainly because Freddy's in it as he should be, being played by Robert Englund - and the best Jason, played by the 7ft Kane Hodder is in it too! LOL. I met both of them, Robert is SO lovely and Hodder wouldn't sign a 5 yr olds autograph unless he paid �15.00 - I was disgusted LOL. It's a great movie if you have to pick a FRiday the 13th which isn't the original and the best though LOL.

Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Jason X - 10/17/10 12:28 PM
Hehe - I actually already own Freddy vs. Jason. I like that one. The only other Jason movie I have is Jason X.

Wow..he wanted people to PAY for his autograph? That is so wrong on so many different levels.

Where did you meet them?

I want to see it and it wasn't on HULA on the Internet for free and I don't think my library carries it. Maybe I can get it through interlibrary loan. Gosh all that to see a movie - I MUST be quest to watch a bad movie HA!
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Jason X - 10/22/10 01:46 PM
You will never believe what came on last night - Jason takes Manhattan. Unfortunately it came on at 10 pm and wasn't going off until 12:15. I managed to stay awake through the first hour before I feel asleep (I guess that says a I really wanted to see him in Manhatten though, that's the part I can't remember.

It was not as scary as I remembered...
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Jason X - 10/24/10 12:43 PM
LOL - yeah, isn't a lot of it set on boat? I think number six is really good - the one where the girl has telekinsis - so it's basically Carrie Vs. Jason HAHA - I think it was number 6 anyway.

I own Freddy vs. Jason too - I thought it was good, though there is no way in hell Jason could've beaten Freddy at all (though he didn't really anyway I guess), and Freddy didn't have enough nightmare sequences.

I thought it was really entertaining though and I love the fact they got the Elm Street vibe to the movie.
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Jason X - 10/24/10 04:21 PM
Last night they showed Jason goes to hell. I think that was the title. It's the one where the guy (I don't know his namem but I don't like him much as an actor either) ate Jason's heart. I missed the credits, but it looked like one of the two security officers was the guy who played Micheal Myers in Halloween.

I think the most ridiculous part (besides the traveling through the was the fight scene in the end. Jason usually does a one slice or puncture kill. This guy he kept picking up and throwing him around. The guy kept getting back up and hitting and kicking Jason. I know the guy was supposed to be alive at the end of the movie and they needed to keep him alive long enough for the heroine to go downstairs and retrieve the dagger that fell through the hole in the floor, but really.

It was just so silly. I have to say if I put a movie on the botton of my Jason list - this was definitely it.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Jason X - 10/24/10 08:51 PM
I can't remember it that well - I remember the heart eating scene was gross - and I remember the opening and end sequences were good. I thought the start was creepy when the female cop had to go in as bait to get Jason to go after her - and the Freddy's glove pulling his mask into hell at the end was cool.
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Jason X - 10/25/10 10:30 PM
The end really was the scariest part. I found myself sitting there mesmorized by the mask waiting to see if he was going to sit up...but other then that - not my favorite...
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Jason X - 04/07/13 01:14 AM
That movie is horrible. These movies always had a ridiculous factor in them but that movie is beyond ridiculous. None of these movies have scared me (besides a few cheap scares that made me jump) but at least they are entertaining, not that one. It's boring stupid and not scary.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Jason X - 04/07/13 10:38 AM
Yeah, but it is still a bit of fun which these movies turned into. The first Nightmare film is my favorite horror film - it's superb on so many levels.

The first Friday the 13th is good in it's own way, relying on gore and jumps primarily - I do think Mrs Vorhees is a better killer than her son LOL. THe Friday the 13th films have always appeared quite cheap I feel - though Jason, like Michael Myers creeps me out. They're fun to watch, but that's about it, except the original - I like that one.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Jason X - 04/07/13 02:50 PM
I find Jason and Michael creepy too. Especially Micheal, the way he sits up when laying down is really scary. It would of been a really scary movie if one of these two psychopaths had a scary script. But they (most of then anyway..haha) are entertaining so it's not a total loss when you watch them (havent seen 1 of these in years...there used to be marathons of them on every friday 13 and halloween but here it stopped many years ago...we rarely get horror movies on these days).
Posted By: leahmullen Re: Jason X - 01/18/14 03:02 PM
I started watching Jason X because I didn't realize it was THE Jason, I outgrew him years ago. I stopped watching the movie after about 10 or so minutes.
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