Posted By: msbaby

FIDO - 02/04/08 02:51 AM

I saw an ad today for a wild horror flick that appeared to have some zombie humor in it. It was called Fido and features Billy Connolly. This was the first time I had seen it advertised, but when I checked it was released a year or so ago. Has anybody seen it? Was it worth watching or am I the only one that likes a good zombie film?
Posted By: angelamia

Re: FIDO - 10/27/08 07:35 PM

I've seen it. I really enjoyed it, but I'm not sure I'd give it a second viewing. Definitely worth a first one though!

It's all about domesticating zombies and keeping them as pets smile
Posted By: Wonder

Re: FIDO - 01/08/09 10:47 PM

Same here, only saw it once and thats all I needed..
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