Posted By: spidermike7172 From Dusk till Dawn - 08/15/05 03:06 AM
Am trying to find a good image of the tattoo george cloony had in dusk till dawn...HELP
Posted By: musicalmom Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 08/15/05 12:48 PM

Check out this one and see if it is the one, I'm pretty sure it is, the only problem is since it kind of wraps around the arm, its hard to get a good picture of it.

This site has several pictures, but not quite as clear.
Posted By: ~ Rae ~ Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 08/16/05 04:42 AM
That first link you posted Michelle is NOT the tattoo from the movie. It's a picture of a fake tattoo sleeve that's silkscreened onto flesh-colored fabric.

there's an article about that movie right here at

<img src="/images/graemlins/devil.gif" alt="" /> The Tattoos of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN <img src="/images/graemlins/devil.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: musicalmom Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 08/16/05 02:45 PM
That's pretty cool in itself! It looked good. Oh well, at least you've got some pictures! I've always appreciated tattoos (and I thought that one was very cool) - but am too chicken to get one myself - your posting on tattoos and Christianity has me doing all sorts of research, because that's always been my biggest concern. It was kind of drilled into my head that real Christians didn't get tattoos, although noone ever really explained why. Of course, down here in GA, it was generally taught in my generation that "good girls" didn't get tattos, either.

I'm thinking about shocking my husband if i ever get the issue resolved in my own head! LOL <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Carla_Anime Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 08/30/06 04:47 AM
I loved this movie but I found it very distracting after discovering that they actually drew the tattoo onto him each day. Every time I've seen the movie since, I focus on the tattoo and watch parts of it move position slightly from scene to scene.

See, there is such a thing as knowing too much. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: ~ Rae ~ Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 08/30/06 03:07 PM
I think painting that tattoo on every day was a waste of makeup budget, unless they really thought at some point Clooney was going to take his jacket off.

However, it's now a few years since I wrote the article and I still regularly get folks asking me to send them more pics or the "whole big design" so they can get it... sheesh....
Posted By: M o e Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 10/04/06 05:40 AM
Love that movie. George was hot.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 04/07/13 01:33 AM
Love that movie. It's ridiculous but in a good way. And George Clooney, you can't lose there, if you ask me that's the hottest he has ever looked. I haven't seen it in a while, oh man now I want to see it!
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: From Dusk till Dawn - 04/07/13 10:20 AM
That tattoo is AMAZING and it made George Clooney look really masculine and tough - I love that movie, despite it being silly lol. Quentin Tarrantino is SO creepy in it - I feel sorry for that poor woman in the hotel room frown

I would think that tatt would hurt - especially on the under arm and neck!
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