Posted By: DreaminDragon Dawn of the Dead 2004 [review] - 03/21/04 09:39 AM
Thinking about going to see the remake of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead? Read my review to see if it's worth your time....

In Theaters: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

If you've seen it, what are your thoughts?
Posted By: Carol P Re: Dawn of the Dead 2004 [review] - 12/05/04 07:46 PM
Hi Michelle,

A great film - but then so was the original and I am not sure that the remake added anything to the original. The beauty of the original was that the dead had no impulses except that if you were near enough then you were meat. These new zombies are.. well. too alive. The comparison with 28 days is so close - i think the film ripped off 28 days which is much better and fresher at making out the dead to be fighting monsters. The original dawn of the dead excelled at a feast of zombie killing that was almost fun. The remake missed out on the mindless blast fest. Hey but thats my opinion.

Posted By: tiflynn Re: Dawn of the Dead 2004 [review] - 12/08/04 09:54 PM
i never saw the first one, i loved the remake. maybe its cuz i love movies that r older than i am but hate having to watch them in black and white? i didnt like 28 days but cabin fever was good.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Dawn of the Dead 2004 [review] - 04/07/13 01:26 AM
That movie is good. I still haven't seen the original so I cannot compare the remake to the original (i learned that it was a remake after seeing it). I did show it to my mom last week and she hated it saying that the original is way better.
I didn't know anyone else was reviewing horror movies smile Great review! I would rather watch the re-make as it has a lot more action in it - though I do agree with Carol that it completely ripped off 28 Days Later.

The original was a much more intelligent film, commenting on how mercenary ppl are - even the dead - going back to a mall to buy things! LOL. And the way that even though the victims had everything material, they were still miserable.

I did hate the end of the re-make - but we all know that in zombie movies - that's how they all end smile
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