Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Scream 4 - 04/16/11 04:14 PM
I saw the movie on opening night - and loved it. For me, it made statements about everything that's been wrong with the genre for the past decade. Have you seen the movie yet, and what did you think?

Here's my review:

Courtney Cox goes up against Ghostface in Scre4m
Posted By: deniel Re: Scream 4 - 04/19/11 07:22 AM
Scream 4 has gone down and Rio is praised by people.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/22/11 09:03 PM
Originally Posted By: deniel
Scream 4 has gone down and Rio is praised by people.

Huh? What do you mean?
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/22/11 10:59 PM
It's possible she means that the ratings or whatever they call popularity. Just a guess, I know it got really bad reviews here. I plan to see it soon, hopefully before it's out of the theaters.
Posted By: Maria - Prime Time TV Re: Scream 4 - 04/24/11 08:00 AM
I saw it today and thought it was okay. I really enjoyed the fact that so many of the original characters were in the movie as well as there were a bunch of stars. I also loved the humor throughout the movie.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/25/11 02:20 PM
Yeah, I heard it got bad reviews - I read one that said "stabbing people just insn't scary enough after you've seen Saw" - I thought that summed up his entire review for me LOL.

Critics can't really afford to like this movie as it's basically saying the last decade of horror movies have been terrible. It's the best thing I've seen in a long while, though it was more comedic than scary - but I prefer slasher to all this torture and gore constantly.
Posted By: jerrylewis Re: Scream 4 - 05/12/11 01:18 PM
I will say that this is a unwelcome movie on screen which has disappointed to many scream fans.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 05/12/11 05:18 PM
Oh, I completley disagree - what didn't you like about it? I don't think they'll ever top the original - but they never really do...
Posted By: rohansinghania Re: Scream 4 - 05/13/11 04:18 AM
i watched this movie last week and i must say this is such a great movie to watch.i really like this movie.this is one of the best that i have watched..
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 05/13/11 01:08 PM
Yeah, I really enjoyed the film Rohan - I think it was a very intelligent film that made a lot of brilliant and apt comments on the last decade of the horror genre.
Posted By: kevin smith Re: Scream 4 - 06/30/11 10:26 AM
yeah i agree with you..This movie is also one of mine favorite movie and i like to watch this movie again.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 06/30/11 05:01 PM
Yeah, Kevin, I want to see it again. See if I can see any pointers that gave up the ending smile
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Scream 4 - 03/31/13 10:20 PM
That movie is horrible. First nothing is scary and the rest sucks. The third is good. The sequel is great. The first is excellent. Apparently they want to do a fift movie, I'll fo see it eventhough the fourth sucks, hopefully the next if they do one will not!
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/03/13 05:37 PM
Originally Posted By: Nancy Roussy
That movie is horrible. First nothing is scary and the rest sucks. The third is good. The sequel is great. The first is excellent. Apparently they want to do a fift movie, I'll fo see it eventhough the fourth sucks, hopefully the next if they do one will not!

What didn't you like about it Roussy?
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Scream 4 - 04/03/13 06:49 PM
Almost everything. The only thing I liked was the ending, that was actually a good idea but the script was horrible so that idea went nowhere. The worst is that it's not scary. The third was also not scary but at least the rest was good!
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/03/13 06:57 PM
I see what you're saying Nancy, but some people would have found it scary. I thought the script was superb - it's one of my favorite scripts in the last few years - it actually brings to the forefront how many re-makes in horror we've had in the last few years and makes fun of the idea. It also makes fun of sequels and re-makes while creating a new post modern horror. I think Kevin Williamson is an amazing writer IMHO.
I think some of the scenes were much creepier than watching a gross out Saw film for example - but that's what's good about horror. Everyone gets scared about different things. I guess Scre4m was more about making a statement against these awful re-makes Hollywood keeps churning out smile
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Scream 4 - 04/04/13 12:03 AM
I actually thought that Scream 4 was an insult to Scream which remains to this day one of the best horror movies. I did not see that they were trying to make fun in that movie, I saw it that they were trying to do like they did with Scream. Like you said different people think different things are scary. I love thid first six Saw movies and hate the last (i see it as a slap to the face of the first movies just like i saw Scream 4 as an insult to its original). The last movie I did see that scared me was Insidious. Horror movies have been disappointing (for me at least) the past years.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/06/13 03:29 PM
You see I hate the Saw films, apart from the first one (which still has a major floor in it.)
I don't see how a sequel is an insult to the original? What do you mean? I think a re-make is an insult because it's really saying we can do this movie better. A sequel is a different entity, and it was written and directed by the same ppl that did the first two movies. They were trying to say how a new audience would try to re-make the original film. How they'd change "the rules."

I personally don't find gore scary just gross - and that's what the saw films are primarily about, after the third film the plot becomes the same in every saw film. The cops are close to getting him and then get murdered in some gross and cruel way. I prefer the villains to pay rather than get away with it I suppose smile
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Scream 4 - 04/06/13 06:30 PM
If the sequel sucks then it is an insult to the original (if the original was any good...haha).

I agree with you about remakes. This is really a huge pet peeve of mine all these remakes. Remakes should only be done when the original sucked or could have been better not when it was well made and loved.

Reboots are sometimes okay. Like with Batman and James Bond, these reboots actually goes deep into the characters and the storylines.

As for the gore I mostly find it just disgusting not scary unless it has to do with the eyes then I freak out and close my eyes until it is done. When the movie is well done and depending on the script gore can make you think, Hostel for example made me think or the people falling victims to awfull crimes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre [the original] is another movie like that). Hostel 2 I saw the day before I had some fillings done and I kept thinking about people being tortured for real while I was in the dentist's office and that time was the only time I did not cry, scream and had a panic attack while having work done by a dentist.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/06/13 06:57 PM
I don't understand your way of thinking with sequels LOL - what if the second sequel sucks, but the third is brilliant?

I hate the new Batman movies, Tim Burton's Batman is the only one for me. Nolan treated it too realistic, he didn't care about the comic book or characters just making his film. And the new Bond movies are boring too - the worst insult to a film IMO is to be boring. There's no Bond girls, no gadgets, no one liners. Boring!

I really liked the two Hostel movies, though it was a shame the original hero lost his head in the sequel - though I loved the end of the second one - it was awesome smile
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Scream 4 - 04/06/13 08:25 PM
Did you see Hostel 3? If not don't, I did and regretted it.

Well if the sequel sucked but the third did not then the sequel still sucks. I have nothing against sequels per say I just hate them when they are to movies that I loved and they end up sucking.

I love the Batman made by Tim Burton, Michael Keaton was a great Batman and a good Bruce Wayne but Christian Bale is just perfect as Batman and Bruce Wayne. That the last Batman (im still waiting for the third to play on english movie theatres here!!!) and James Bonds movies are serious is why I love them so much. Roger Moore was my favorite Bond before Daniel Craig came along so I loved those funny Bond movies but the fact remains that Bruce Wayne and James Bond are real human beings, they did not have supernatural things happen to them so these movies being serious make sense.
Posted By: Horror_Movies_Editor Re: Scream 4 - 04/07/13 11:06 AM
I haven't seen Hostel 3, no. I'll avoid it probably.

Michael Keaton is the only Batman for me - though my favorite character EVER is Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman smile She's just incredible and captures the character brilliantly. I've read the comics for years and still do. I think that Nolan was basically trying to make Miller's Batman comic - which I hate LOL.

Bale - I can't stand, he screams everything and I can't understand most of what he says - this has become a joke in the UK about his silly Batman voice. It was much better in the third film actually and IMO that was the best of the three. Though Bane was ridiculous, Catwoman was actually really good - and though Hathaway was no Pfeiffer she still held her own.

Bruce Wayne is surrounded by supernatural ppl, he works alongside Superman and Wonder woman! The second Robin was murdered and brought back to life - the villains he faces, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane, Clayface, Man-bat, Black Mask, Joker - these characters all have supernatural qualities. He is a comic book character at the end of the day. He should be treated like one IMO.

My main problem was Heath Ledger playing the Joker - he was TERRIBLE but everyone said they liked it because he sadly died. The Joker is meant to represent anarchy, yet everything he does in The Dark Knight is planned. There is also no way on Earth - the ppl of Gotham wouldn't blow up a boat full of murderers and rapists LOL. It had so many flaws, which if it had been a comic book movie I could have ignored, but because Nolan wanted the film to be treated seriously, you had to take all the mistakes seriously. It's funny because after Batman Returns - Burton was fired because Warner Brothers felt he had made the films too adult for younger audiences. violent and sexual conatations - and now look at them LOL!

My main issue with the new Bond and the last three Batman movies is that they are mostly BORING. Which to me is the worst thing a film can be. Because a film is meant to entertain, even if it's bad it can make you a laugh.

I used to love Roger Moore as Bond too! You're the only other person I've spoken to who has said that smile I felt he was great. I love Live and Let Die and A View To A Kill - those are my fave Bond movies.

Well theres' my view on it all smile
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Scream 4 - 04/07/13 03:01 PM
I am shocked to read that you cannot stand Christian Bale! I think he is perfect as Batman, when he talks as Batman I am always close to an orgasm so that right there tells you how much I love his voice in these movies.

You really hated Heath Ledger as Joker? He was almost as good as Christian in that movie.

It's funny how we all have different taste. When I first watched Batman Begins I was in a trance, I did not even heard the music which is amazing (i later bought the cd online [rarely are scores sold in my province] and i figured [did not know about Hans Zimmer back then] that if the music would suck i would have pictures).

I rarely hear from people who loved Roger Moore as James Bond too, almost everyone says that Sean Connery was the best Bond, I never was able to watch more than one minute of one of his Bond movie.

If Nolan's Batman movies are really that far from the comics and you love these comics I can understand why you hate those movies, eventhough they are perfect (haha)!

Prometheus will be playing on television on May 4 so about one month later it will be the turn of the last Batman movie, I can't wait (drool will be all over the living room then...teehee).
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