Family History was once limited to searching records and listening to oral histories. Now there are no limits, you can search beyond the written word and discover the history hidden in your DNA. There has never been a better time to discover the tale your genes have to tell.

Trace Your Family History Using DNA Testing
That's a bargain, Kim. I've been tempted to have a test done. There are so many points to consider. I'll look into this. I enjoyed Louis Henry Gates' show - he did a good job with it.

Periodically also has sales. There are a couple of other companies as well.

Thanks for your article.
We've done DNA testing. It's certainly fun, but it's no replacement for a genealogy report done with actual research. It could be the DNA says you came from Ireland but actually your ancestors lived in England for centuries. If we want to actually think about our ancestry we all came from Africa. So it depends on where we call it "what counts" :).
I'm not crazy about DNA. For me there has been no benefit. I'm still on the paper trail and that is important.
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