Article: The Rainbow Bridge

Posted By: Melissa-Catholicism/Cats

Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 05:36 AM

My latest article is about The Rainbow Bridge.

Losing a beloved cat, or any pet, is always very difficult. Many have found comfort in a poem, author unknown, called The Rainbow Bridge. The first time I read this touching poem of comfort and hope, I cried. Many more tears have been shed upon subsequent reads of The Rainbow Bridge.

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Do you believe in the Rainbow Bridge? How do you envision your precious angel kitty/kitties there?

Posted By: Jilly

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 05:38 AM

I finally did it. Yesterday I buried my sweet William. I didn't want to let go of him but it had to happen eventually.
Posted By: Melissa-Catholicism/Cats

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 05:54 AM

Jilly, just remember you never have to completely let him go. He will forever live in your memories. Cherish them always.

We have all our angel cats buried in our backyard (except a couple who are actually in the neighbor's yard now since they built a development behind ours...).

Oftentimes I go outside and talk to them. We also have a chalkboard in our laundry room that I've drawn a cat face in the middle of - on the top portion I have clouds and in each cloud is the name of one of our cats we've lost; on the bottom portion are the names of our current kitties. It serves as a memorial and ties our angel kitties to the crew we have now.
Posted By: Jilly

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 06:40 AM

That is nice about your laundry room. I like laundry rooms for some reason - they feel peaceful and smell clean. So i can see thinking about kitties while you are there, folding laundry and such.

The gravesite is nice. I piled it with pretty rocks and made a prayer tree as Phyllis suggested. I like to visit the spot. I also buried some meaningful things in with my little boy.
Posted By: Jilly

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 06:47 AM

I just read your article. I was afraid to, because i didn't want to cry again. But i went in and read it anyway and now the tears are rolling down my face.
Posted By: Claybird

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 03:41 PM

Jill, I'm sorry for you but also glad that you finally did it. Some things just HAVE to be done, even though they are so hard to do. How much better it is to have sweet William finally at rest in a good place.
Many hugs sent your way!
Posted By: "Rosie"

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/24/10 04:00 PM

((( Jilly ))) hugs
Posted By: Jilly

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/30/10 08:53 PM

Thank you Claybird and Rosie. I am relieved it is done as well. I guess I had to wait until I could really let go of keeping him whole. I am not sure what I thought that would do - it's not like you can insert the soul back into the body.

Now he can decompose and join back into the elements of life.
Posted By: shootingstar123

Re: Article: The Rainbow Bridge - 09/30/10 10:21 PM

We our little girl, PJ, passed over the "Bridge", Aug 7th this year..She was a 11 yr old Boston Terrier and was my very best friend..She had a brain tumor and she had a stroke a few days before she passed. I noticed her face was drooping on the right side and she was loosing her vision and became paralized in her legs..All I could do was hold her and speak softly to reassure her I was there..In the end she had awful seizures..We sat together all day until the end..She crossed over quietly..She's waiting by the bridge for her family..My pain is so huge..So Sad..I understand your pain and grief..God Bless You..Many Hugs to you..
We had her creamated..I just couldn't bury her..(sigh)!!

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