Hold Baby

Posted By: Renee22

Hold Baby - 01/02/10 03:37 AM

My cat Precious loves to be held the way you put a baby to sleep. does your cat like to be held?
Posted By: sundancer

Re: Hold Baby - 01/02/10 09:22 AM

My cat didn't like to be held like a baby. But, my daughter's cat did. She would hold her like a baby in her arms. Her cat, Mew, would also lay around her neck. First time I have ever saw a cat act this way.
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Posted By: WalkingGranny

Re: Hold Baby - 01/02/10 01:20 PM

One of my kitties likes that. I thought it was because I bottle fed her that way from the time she was 2 weeks old, but maybe she would like it any way.
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