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Earthquakes - 03/11/10 05:27 PM

In the past two months or less there have been Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Turkey and Tiawan. Now, major aftershocks in Chile. Does this mean there is a major shift of the world's plates is beginning? Are there more major shocks around the world to come soon?
Posted By: Cindy

Re: Earthquakes - 03/16/10 01:02 AM

The next logical occurance will either be in Mexico or Northern California, if indeed the World's plates are shifting. A major 8.0 or higher Earthquake is long overdue on the upper pacific Rim ( California)
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Re: Earthquakes - 03/16/10 11:55 AM

Should we fear a major quake in the Pacific? There are major faultlines around the Pacific. After an earthquake in Tiawan and a major quake the trigger the huge Tsunami a few years ago what are the odds of another major quake in the Pacific? Imagine the damage and human cost if a major earthquake occurs near Japan, especially if occurs near a major city like Tokyo. Japan sits very close to a major Pacific faultline.
Posted By: Craig58

Re: Earthquakes - 03/17/10 04:14 PM

Now, there is a 4.4 earthquake in California. Is a trend starting to take shape here? What is next?
Posted By: Cindy

Re: Earthquakes - 03/18/10 02:24 PM

If there is a pattern/ripple effect, the next earthquake will occur north of that location- Northern California has not seen a major earthquake for 150+ years.
Posted By: jodevizes

Re: Earthquakes - 04/05/10 06:41 PM

This is weird, I was only thinking about this today after hearing about the earthquake in Mexico. That coastal town in Chile actually moved 10 feet. The whole town! So it is either adjusting itself to the North or LA or San Francisco are about to have the mother of all quakes. Time to sell that beach property in Santa Monica. :]
Posted By: Cindy

Re: Earthquakes - 04/16/10 06:04 PM

California is a basket case, as far as the economy- and all the signs indicate it won't improve for years: Moving is not a bad idea.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Re: Earthquakes - 05/15/10 09:42 AM

I'm not sure that we have more or less earthquakes before - but now we all hear about every single earthquake immediately. I imagine 100 years ago that there were a lot of earthquakes around the world that we simply never heard of in the US!

I do agree that California is due for one, regardless of all the other stuff going on elsewhere in the world. So when that happens, it'll be expected, not unexpected.
Posted By: Craig58

Re: Earthquakes - 05/16/10 02:48 PM

The midwest could have a large earthquake soon too. It was nearly 200 years ago that a massive earthquake hit the midwest. It was so strong that it caused the Mississippi river to run backwards.

Here are some links about it:
Mississippi runs backwards
1811 New Madrid Earthquake
Posted By: Angie

Re: Earthquakes - 07/19/10 10:47 PM

We have them all the time.

Recent Earthquakes - Last 8-30 Days

Map of earthquakes
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Re: Earthquakes - 08/05/10 10:17 AM

I observed that west countries always suffers these earthquakes than other regions. They have to sort this major problem at their own level like during the foundation of residential areas they have to concern with ab Engineer who can guide well for it.
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