Posted By: Rachel-in-Philippines Fillipinos are survivors - 08/17/12 12:36 PM
Three years after typhoon Ondoy wrought havoc in many parts of the Philippines, the country again experienced torrential rains and great flooding. This time there was not even a typhoon; continuous monsoon rains for nine days caused flooding, even to places which were not flood-prone. Geographically, the extent of flooded areas exceeded those of Ondoy�s.

It is times like this though that the great �bayanihan� (community) spirit, generosity and hospitality � traits Filipinos are known for � are exhibited. Rescuers, mostly volunteers, worked nonstop despite limited material resources to save those stranded atop their houses, give first-aid, distribute relief goods, plus a myriad of other things that could alleviate the sufferings of the affected.

Many opened their houses to strangers and gave shelter and food until the flood subsided. Those not affected contributed in the best manner they could and afford. Some brought cooked food to evacuation centers; many gave clothes and other personal items for hygiene. Of course, further assistance is needed, especially in terms of infrastructure.

The resiliency of the people and their great faith in God will surely bring them through this devastation no matter how difficult it will be in the coming days. Filipinos are natural survivors as history witnessed.
Posted By: Rachel-in-Philippines Re: Fillipinos are survivors - 09/05/12 02:30 AM
Floods. Earthquakes. Volcanic eruptions. Truly, the Philippines is within the "ring of fire."
Posted By: Styxx Re: Fillipinos are survivors - 02/09/16 02:36 PM
Hello Rachel!

Filipinos are indeed survivors. Through thick or thin, our families will stand by us through whatever calamity or problem. Filipinos are resilient and strong if there is anything that we are faced with.


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