Posted By: Art Appreciation Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Art - 01/06/19 08:26 PM
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Brings Us the Next Great Art Movement. Author discusses nine (9) pioneering artists who are exploring AI's creative potential. Article by Naomi Rea., November 6, 2018.Artificial Intelligence Brings Us Next Great Art Movement
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Art - 02/02/21 08:36 PM
I think its amazing what computers are creating. It's also liberating for people who love art but who can't create it themselves for whatever reason - they can ask for a painting of any scene in the style of any artist and get a cool rendition to enjoy!

I agree that hand-painted art is always preferable, but many people simply can't afford it. This way they can still explore their creativity and foster that appreciation of art. Maybe that's a stepping stone to putting aside money to spend on artists.
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