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Favorite Artist - 08/27/15 05:44 PM

Who is your favorite artist?
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy

Re: Favorite Artist - 09/12/15 05:57 AM

I think I'm a fickle fan, because often my favorite artist depends on the last brilliant exhibition I've seen. When the Matisse Cut-outs were at the Tate Modern in London last year, Matisse was The Man. Amazing that he he did them from a single sheet - no drawing in the lines, no gluing bits together - to get a 3D view. I saw the exhibition three times.
Posted By: Francine - German Culture

Re: Favorite Artist - 04/15/16 01:16 PM

This is way overdue I know, but I think the Dutch school is vastly underrated Camille. My personal favorite is Frans Hals from Haarlem in the Netherlands, where I lived for a while. There is a permanent exhibition of works there, and I used to visit it at least once a week. Sometimes it was held at night by candlelight.

In all the years since then, and all the exhibitions etc. across the world, nothing has come close. Not only because of his skill as an artist, but basically because his paintings "lived", they were an Erlebnis, experience, had life and emotion, and this at a time when most did not.

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Re: Favorite Artist - 04/15/16 04:02 PM

I like Monet and Dali.
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Re: Favorite Artist - 04/17/16 08:38 PM

Francine & Vance, thanks for your replies.

Francine, as for the Dutch school, Vermeer will always be my personal favorite.
I saw a wonderful exhibit in 1996 at the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

Vance, may I ask you what paintings by Monet & Dali do you like best?
Posted By: Susan Helene Kramer

Re: Favorite Artist - 04/18/16 05:18 AM

I think mine will always be Georgia O'Keefe - it has been ever since I saw her paintings.
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Re: Favorite Artist - 03/23/17 08:19 AM

My favorite artist without a doubt is van Gogh. I can certainly appreciate the immense struggles of his life, and the great masterpieces he created.

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