Why Diamonds

Posted By: Renee22

Why Diamonds - 01/02/10 03:19 AM

Why do they say diamonds are a girls best friend why not another gem?
Posted By: Alex Scott

Re: Why Diamonds - 01/02/10 07:44 AM

Diamond Jewelry is very costly, and women always loves to have costly jewelry. That may be a reason, why Diamonds are women' s best friend.
Posted By: CrystalBarba

Re: Why Diamonds - 02/06/12 09:24 AM

Diamonds are depicted with girls in historic moments. Diamonds are always related to women, they are said to be girl's best friend.
Posted By: trixx88

Re: Why Diamonds - 02/07/12 08:21 AM

I love diamonds too, in all kinds of things like rings, bracelets and watches.
Posted By: Julie J

Re: Why Diamonds - 05/25/12 12:48 PM

Because Diamond is costly that's why women loved it. i think this forum is very joyful for girls and women. i have recently joined this forum and i am fully enjoying this.
Posted By: SamanthaG123

Re: Why Diamonds - 05/25/12 06:25 PM

There is actually a huge historical significance to diamonds, dating back to when we did not have all of the mining tactics that we know today and when the use of loose diamonds was not limited to diamond rings, earrings and necklaces/pendants. Their scarcity and high price tag have a lot to do with it too. But back in the day, diamonds were available only to the elite.
Posted By: Lori - Marriage

Re: Why Diamonds - 05/25/12 07:40 PM

The brilliance of diamonds are unsurpassed by any other precious gem or metal. When well cut, a diamond sparkles with a million rainbows.

Yes, throughout history it has been shown that humans love what is rare or expensive as it makes them feel significant to own what others cannot.

The sparkle catches the eye. I love the way sunlight is fragmented into rainbows. But crystal has the same quality. I don't even own a diamond. My husband bought diamond earrings and a bracelet but they got stolen/misplaced/lost a long time ago.

That happens to all of my jewelry for some reason. My mom gave me a ruby, my grandmother pearls, another relative gave me an opal. I love gems but they float off somehow...

I wonder why.
Posted By: Ninjahedgewych

Re: Why Diamonds - 05/25/12 07:45 PM

Diamonds - perhaps one of the biggest 'cons' around?
Posted By: samayra

Re: Why Diamonds - 06/02/12 11:27 AM

i love diamond jewellery than any other jewellery. i like to wear this on late night parties . i have a no of diamond jewellery ..
Posted By: Encore DT

Re: Why Diamonds - 06/04/12 08:04 PM

Every person will have his/her own opinion about diamonds. The fact is, however, that most diamonds in this world are mined legally and ethically. Those who supply unethical diamonds find it rather difficult to make sales, because, fortunately the laws are getting more and more stringent with regard to conflict diamonds.

And we even work with Human Rights Watch, a BBB accredited organization that educates the masses on crimes against humanity. Diamonds are a major topic for them.
Posted By: johnbreto

Re: Why Diamonds - 09/28/12 11:31 AM

Diamonds, just like your marriage, are an investment, and have been an investment device for several thousand years. Diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment so buying the perfect diamond for an engagement ring or that special occasion is a crucially important decision.
Posted By: waqas

Re: Why Diamonds - 09/28/12 02:24 PM

History of diamonds goes centuries back. Several kings, rules in the world had never-ending love for diamonds. And, nobody can deny that diamonds have been one of the symbols of love, romance and beauty.
Posted By: Burt B.

Re: Why Diamonds - 09/28/12 04:00 PM

'cause they are a girls best friend of course !! smile !!!
Posted By: Pantofi

Re: Why Diamonds - 10/01/12 12:50 AM

I love diamonds, my reason: because they are so rare.
Posted By: pearle

Re: Why Diamonds - 10/06/12 06:21 AM

I love beautiful diamond jewelry because it would be perfect in any kind of occasion.

Posted By: Rodelma Lopez

Re: Why Diamonds - 07/04/13 09:51 PM

it takes years and years and years for diamond to be formed, so its so precious so is a girl whose heart and beauty shines like a diamond, rare to find
Posted By: Valerie13

Re: Why Diamonds - 07/06/13 11:29 AM

They say diamonds are girls best friends because almost every girl has it. Even a pair of tiny diamond earrings can impress a girl. And diamonds look good with any outfit.
Posted By: Rekha Nair

Re: Why Diamonds - 07/09/13 08:33 AM

I love to wear diamonds, it looks good in any wear...
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