Posted By: guinanie Jewelry Trends for 2007 - 08/23/07 04:44 PM
Hello Everybody! For your info, here is an article about the jewelry trend for 2007. Please tell me about your comments or ideas about the article.

The jewelry was worn to accent the clothing and most of the models today wore simple but layer of chains with a variety of shapes. The chain is adorned with beads and with gold and silver together as to provide a more casual look.

Cuff bracelets are adorn with copper is being shown along with silver and or mass of brilliant beads.

Rings with a lot of color, with large colored stones and are being worn on the index finger.

Today FRESH CULTURED PEARLS come in huge range of colors, from pastel to bright Pearl shape are in today with round and oval pearls. At festive events are the perfect opportunity to wear pearl necklaces and other and other pearl jewelry.

Simple pendants are being adorn by leaves, flowers or birds in gold or silver with brilliant colored cords in leather, rubber and niobium

Mystic Topaz is in today because it uses a natural topaz with a coating that transforms the gem into something like ever seen in the gem industry

The big pieces from last year will eventually come back but add a large classic chains, cuffs, and big colored ring to update jewelry wardrobe for 2007.
Posted By: guinanie Re: Jewelry Trends for 2007 - 09/10/07 03:36 PM
Thanks JohnsonLin. The article that I have written is just a jewelry trend for the year 2007 and the new trend of jewelry fashion will continue to evolve.

For August 2007, the fashion know how need a refresher course, here is a list of the different types of necklaces to select from:

* Choker
* Princess Necklace
* Matinee Necklace
* Opera Necklace
* Rope Necklace
Posted By: JohnsonLin Re: Jewelry Trends for 2007 - 09/11/07 01:59 AM
thanks quinanie,
you are an export at fashion jewelry,
i am just nobody at fahion jewelry,
i have many things to learn.
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