Hello everyone, I'm Cityrocka Perry, the new Fashion Jewelry Editor here at BellaOnline! I'm looking forward to interacting with you all and having great exchanges with you as we enjoy our mutual love for everything fashion jewelry, and fashion accessories related!

Feel free to introduce yourself on the forum and share what you adore most about fashion jewelry accessories. lovers
Welcome to Bella Online smile!

I am not a huge fan of jewelry. For many years I did not wear any then a few years ago I had my ears pierced again and since then except for a few rare days I have worn stud earrings every day and that is it as far as jewelry goes.
Greetings Nancy,
thanks for the welcome.I feel like I just might be able to sway you into wearing a piece of fashion jewelry other than your stud earrings if I work really hard at it. I realize that you won't wear it everyday, but there's got to be something out there (minimalist perhaps?)that strikes your fancy smile
I used to love wearing necklaces and bracelets, nothing too fancy and heavy. I also used to love wearing watch but it was before I got my first cell phone since then when out I look at it for the time but if I go back to school and when I finally find a job I will start wearing watches again when there.
I used to wear jewels according to the dresses I wear. Sometimes it may be heavy, otherwise trendy. It depends.

I love to wear fashion jewelry and love to purchase it from the brands like shaze and voylla so that they last long.
Welcome dear!

I fashion jewelry, but only when I have to go in parties or any formal, events otherwise, I don't like to wear anything at work.
I love accessorizing especially during my teens and early 20s. I still accessorize but not as much as before. When the occasion calls for it I have some statement pieces ready to level-up my overall look but on regular days you'd probably just see me in a watch, stud earrings and sometimes a dainty necklace.
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I'll visit their page. Thank you.
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